Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 01-26-2015

**Meeting was called to order at 5:45pm. This was a meeting for the board members. Board members present included: Kristina Walters, Liz Lynch, Naz Broomand, Kirsten Green, and Michelle Selander.

*Naz will be taking over the task of putting out a monthly MASA newsletter, with the help of Liz. The next edition will come out in mid-February.

*Spring semester meeting times have been re-evaluated. MASA will now hold meetings every Wednesday, at 5pm in SS252, unless otherwise noted.

*Other information was discussed, but will be presented to all MASA members at our first meeting, which will be Wednesday February 4th at 5pm in SS252. Those topics will be included in next weeks minutes.

**Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes 02-04-2015

**Meeting was called to order at 5:20pm.

*Pizza was provided seeing as this was our first official meeting of the semester. We held introductions and the following people were in attendance: Kristina Walters, Liz Lynch, Naz Broomand, Michelle Selander, Kirsten Green, Clare Super, Hannah Fuson, Brittney Eubank, Kassie Viers, Karly Law, Laura Evilsizer, Lindsay Scott, Mark Gibbons Jr., and Kyle Cohenour.

*Travel allocations were discussed. The application deadline is Feb. 13. Liz Lynch has taken on this duty. MASA is requesting travel allocations to be able to attend the SAA's in San Francisco April 15-19. We will have to lobby as a group for our travel allocations. Lobbying will take place on Feb. 16 (time yet to be determined) and we need as many of our members there as possible for support.

*If you are a MASA member and plan on going to the SAA's, please contact Liz Lynch to let her know of your plans.

*The next order of buisness is budgeting for the 2015-2016 year. The budget for MASA is due February 12th. Michelle is in charge of the budgeting.

*We will also have to lobby for our budget, time and date yet to be determined, but lobbying will occur between Feb. 23-26.

*National Anthropology Day is Thursday, February 19th. Masa will be making it National Anthropology week. Since there are four days that week and there are four subdisciplines of anthropology, we will dedicate one day to each subdisciplilne, with a lecture presentation from one professor or graduate student a day. On the 19th we will have a potluck for the professors and employees of the anthropology department in SS238 from 11am-2pm. A sign up sheet was passed around for MASA members to volunteer bringing a dish.

*In order to draw interest and recognition to the presentations, MASA will be taking names of those who attend each presentation, and at the end of the week one name will be drawn to win a $25 giftcard to the bookstore.

*On Wednesday, February 18th, Kirsten Green will be conducting a fieldschool/internship expo. from 12pm-3pm in SS252.

*MASA achieved recognition from the American Anthropological Association for our event planned for National Anthropology Day, and they will be sending us t-shirts and buttons for the occasion.

*MASA has been invited to volunteer with Hands on Archaeology Day, which will take place on April 11th at Fort Missoula. More information on this will be coming shortly. In particular they are looking for graudate students who would be willing to come in with any research, tales, tools, etc. that they may have from archaeological expeditions.

*Our anthropology department will be hiring a new professor specializing in ancient DNA. MASA has been asked to help out in this process by announcing the candidates office hours, presentations, and by taking each candidate to lunch. After interactions with these candidates there is an evaluation form for members to fill out which can be returned to a designated mail bin in the anthropology mail room. The candidates are Jennifer Kennedy, Meradeth Snow, and Ester Lee.

*Jennifer Kennedy's schedule is as such: Lunch-Friday Feb. 6th from 12p-2p; Office Hours-Friday Feb. 6th from 3p-4p in SS250; Presentation-Thursday Feb. 5th at 7pm in SS254.

*Meradeth Snow's schedule is as such: Lunch-Thursday February 12th from 12:30p-2p; Office Hours-Thursday Feb. 12th from 2p-3p in SS217; Presentation-Thursday Feb. 12th at 7pm in SS254.

*Esther Lee's schedule is yet to be determined.

*Lambda Alpha applications are due to Liz Lynch by Friday Feb. 13th at noon.

*MASA will be participating in the Criminology Club's food drive. We will have more information on this after Feb. 15th.

*Naz can no longer do the newsletter, we will have to find someone else to take this over, or cancel it for this semester.

*We plan to have a Valentine's Day themed bakesale Friday, Feb. 13th from 10am-3pm.

*MASA has been given a cabinet to post news and information within the anthropology department. Naz and Kirsten will be decorating it.

**Meeting adjourned at 6:34pm.