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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 8-27-14

**Meeting was called to order at 5:15pm. This was a meeting for just the board members, and all board members were present.

*There is some uncertainty as to who our faculty advisor is. Kristina will be asking Doug McDonald if he is willing to assume that responsibility and if he is not we will ask another tenured professor.

*We need to turn in all the paperwork to ASUM to be recognized as a club within the first few weeks of classes, once we have 10-15 members signed up Kristina will turn that in to ASUM.

*Meetings will be held on alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning Wednesday Sept, 3rd at 5:15 in SS252-Unanimous decision.

*We will be putting out a newsletter once a month. All MASA members are encouraged to participate. The newsletter will highlight what events are happening in the following month and will recognize staff and student projects, research, etc...

*All members should update their biographies on the website to make sure they are accurate.

*We will advertise MASA as a club in different areas and list the benefits of joining to boost memberships.

*The first 10 people to sign up and pay membership dues will receive a free coozie. Membership fees have been changed this year to $10/semester or $15/year.

*The MASA flyers will advertise the club as: an opportunity for internships, a network of alumni, a source of academic funding, an opportunity to gain volunteer hours, a social outlet, to view lecture series, and possibly tutoring. 

*We came up with many ideas for activities this  year. They include but are not limited to: trivia nights, book drive/sale, one bake sale per month (first Tuesdays) and on holidays, Buffalo Wild Wing nights, and a lecture series (to be organized by Kirsten). At the bake sales we will have a trivia fact of the month related to anthropology. 

*The banquet will tentatively be held the Saturday before Halloween, which would be October 25th. We will immediately begin scouting locations and getting out donation requests for our silent auction. 

*Travel allocation applications are due by Sept. 10.

*We are possibly looking into getting a float for the homecoming parade. 

**Meeting adjourned at 6:42pm.

Meeting Minutes 9-3-2014

*Meeting called to order at 5:15pm

*Members in attendance: Kristina Walters, Liz Lynch, Amy Miller, Dougless Skinner, Nicholas Densley, Ben Chiewphasa, Karly Law, Brittney Eubank, Laura Evilsizer, Lindsay Scott, Kassie Viers, Shona Potrauski, Julia Schorr, Becky Rutheford, Kirsten Green, Naz Broomand, Kyle Cohenour, Michelle Selander, Kayla Konakis, Sarah Howerton, Megan Richardson

*Brief introductions and an overview of what MASA is and what we do as a club.

*This year we are starting a point based system for members. Members will receive 1 point for each meeting attended, and more points may be awarded for special events and volunteer work. Points will help us make decisions in the future as to whether or not a members request for funding may be approved.

*The Halloween Banquet will be held on October 25th, 2014, location TBD. We need to start asking for donation request right away for our silent auction. Need to look into catering as well.

*Doug MacDonald is officially MASA's faculty advisor for the 2014/2015 year.

*Sunday Sweepers is coming up, sign up sheet sent around. Opportunity for membership points.

*Lambda Alpha was explained, deadline for applications is September 12, 2014.

*Our 1st bakesale will be on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014. Sign-up will occur next meeting.

*Meeting adjourned at 5:54pm.

Meeting Minutes 9-25-2014

*Meeting was called to order at 5:20pm

*Members in attendance: Kristina Walters, Allie Handley, Kirsten Green, Julia Schorr, Laura Evilsizer, Dougless Skinner, Michelle Selander, Naz Broomand, Liz Lynch

*We will hold a bakesale on Wednesday, October 1st,2014. Sign up sheet was passed around.

*Sunday Sweepers was a success, $100 will be deposited into our ASUM account. Members who participated in this event were: Liz Lynch, Kayla Konakis, Lindsay Scott, Kassie Viers, Karly Law, Ben Chiewphasa, Dougless Skinner, Roger Mukai

*There is a student group dinner on Oct. 7th from 6-8pm in the UC Ballroom. Some board members will attend.

*Friday, Sept. 26th, 2014 will be our first Brown Bag Lunch Lecture featuring G.G.Weix at noon in SS238.

*We have gotten a few donations for our silent auctions, but we need more! All members go out and get donations!

*The banquet will take place at MCT Center for the Performing Arts. Price is $280 plus $100 security deposit.

*Laura Grizzlypaws will be our guest presenter for the banquet, and Duane Roeder will be our fortune teller.

*We will have a pumpkin carving night, TBD.

*Tickets for the banquet are officially on sale. $15/single $20/couple. We will present complimentary tickets to the Provost, President, and our Faculty Advisor.

*Meeting adjourned at 5:56pm.

Meeting Minutes 10-2-2014

*Meeting called to order at 5:19pm.

*Members in attendance: Kristina Walters, Nicholas Densley, Laura Evilsizer, Anthony Ascione, Kyle Cohenour, Sarah Howerton, Naz Broomand

*Our last bakesale went great, our club made around $150.

*Times for the banquet have been decided. The banquet will begin at 6:30 pm on Oct. 25th, and end at 10:30pm the same day. Alcohol service will end at 10pm.

*We are in need of speakers for the banquet!

*Oct. 22, 2014 Dr. John Ravesloot will give a guest presentation during our normal MASA meeting at 5:15pm in SS252. After his presentation we will hold our meeting, and will be carving pumpkins.

*Meeting adjourned at 5:46pm.

Meeting Minutes 10-8-2014

*Meeting called to order at 5:19pm

*Members in attendance: Kristina Walters, Michelle Selander, Becky Rutheford, Kirsten Green, Lindsay Scott, Laura Evilsizer, Karly Law, Ben Chiewphasa, Kassie Viers, Naz Broomand, Dougless Skinner, Liz Lynch

*We can still use more donations for the banquet. Members have split into groups to make baskets for silent auction.

*Group baskets as followed: MOVIE BASKET- Lindsay Scott,, Karly Law. GAME BASKET- Becky Rutheford, Kristina Walters. WINE BASKET- Kirsten Green, Naz Broomand. SWEETS BASKET- Ben Chiewphasa, Kassie Viers. KITCHEN BASKET- Michelle Selander, Dougless Skinner. BOOKS-Liz Lynch

*We have purchased a very nice Pendleton blanket for Laura Grizzlypaws as a thank you gift.

*An itinerary for the banquet is coming soon.

*There will be a costume contest with 5 catagories. Small goody bags as prizes.

*UM Catering will be catering our banquet, Badlander will be our alcohol vendor- Liz is working on the alcohol form.

*Tuesday October 14th we will set up a table in the SS lobby to sell banquet tickets.

*MASA members announce banquet and brown bag lectures in classes, we need people to participate!

*Remember Dr. Ravesloot presentation (FREE PIZZA) followed by pumpkin carving on Wednesday October 22nd. Bring your own pumpkin and any carving tools.

*We will be having a Halloween themed bakesale on October 29th. Any left over bakesale goodies will now be passed out during Brown Bag Lectures.

*We will be planning a MASA social event soon (after the banquet).

*Meeting adjourned at 5:55pm.