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Arlene Walker-Andrews, Associate Provost and Professor of Psychology

Phone: (406) 243-4689


Research focuses on the development of infants’ perception of emotional expressions, intermodal perception, and early cognitive development.


Ph.D., Cornell University, 1980
B.A., University of Texas (Austin), 1975


Selected Publications

Walker-Andrews, A. S. , Krogh-Jespersen, S., Mayhew, E., & Coffield, C. (in press). The situated infant: Learning in context. In M. Legerstee, D. Haley, & M. Bornstein (Eds.), The developing infant mind: Integrating biology and experience. NY: Guilford Press.

Walker-Andrews, A. S. (2008). Intermodal emotional processes in infancy. In M. Lewis, J. M. Haviland-Jones, and L. F. Barrett (Eds.), Handbook of emotions (pp. 364-375). NY: Guilford Press.

Montague, D. P. F. & Walker-Andrews, A. S. (2002). Mothers, fathers, and infants: The role of familiarity and parental involvement in infants’ perception of emotion expressions. Child Development, 73, 1339-1352.

Montague, D. P. F., & Walker-Andrews, A. S. (2001). Infants’ responses to emotional expressions in the context of peek-a-boo. Developmental Psychology, 37, 826-838.

Gogate, L. J., Walker-Andrews, A. S. & Bahrick, L. E. (2001). Target Article: The intersensory origins of word comprehension: An ecological-dynamic system view. Developmental Science, 4, 1-18. (Reply: More on developmental dynamics in lexical learning. pp. 31-37).

Kahana-Kalman, R., & Walker-Andrews, A. S. (2001). The role of person familiarity in young infants’ perception of emotional expressions. Child Development, 72, 352-369.

Walker-Andrews, A. S. (1997). Infants’ perception of expressive behaviors: Differentiation of multimodal information. Psychological Bulletin, 121, 437-456.

Field of Study

Developmental Psychology, Infancy, Perceptual and Cognitive Development