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Faculty Image
Marton Marko, Associate Professor

Location: LA 435
Hours: Autumn 2014 Monday, Wednesday 2:10 - 3:30 pm and by appointment

Phone: (406) 243-5418


Ph.D. Germanic Languages and Literatures, Washington University in St. Louis

M.A. Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Oregon

A.B. German Studies, Stanford University

Research Interests

German Literature 18th Century to the Present, Austrian Studies, Comparative Literature, Literature and the Environment, Literary and Aesthetic Theory, Film and Media Studies

Selected Publications

Marko. Marton.  “’Schau, ein Indianer’:  Visions of the Native and Exotic from Handke’s Salzburg Years.”  Gegenwartsliteratur.  Ein germanistisches Jahrbuch / A German Studies Yearbook (12/2013).  Ed. Paul Michael Lützeler, Erin McGlothlin, and Jennifer Kapczynksi.  Tübingen:  Stauffenburg, 2013:  67- 90. 

Marko, Marton.  "History and Nature in Motion:  Paradigms of Transformation in the Postwar Poems of Ingeborg Bachmann."  German and European Poetics after the Holocaust:  Crisis and Creativity.  Ed. Gert Hofmann, Rachel Magshamhrain, Marko Pajevic, and Michael Shields.  Rochester, NY:  Camden House, 2011:  53 - 68.

Marko, Marton.  "'Das Erdorchester bedienen':  Epiphany, Enchantment and the Sonorous World of Peter Handke."  Austrian Studies 17 "Words and Music" (2009):  164 - 178.

Marko, Marton.  Review of German Cinema since Unification.  The New Germany in Context.  Ed. David Clark.  New York:  Continuum, 2006.  German Studies Review 32. 1 (2009):  217 - 218.

Marko, Marton.  "Handke, Peter."  The Columbia Encyclopedia of Modern Drama.  Ed. Gabrielle H. Cody and Evert Sprinchorn.  New York:  Columbia University Press, 2007.  580 - 581 [Volume 1].

Marko, Marton.  "From Clouds to Swamps.  Cultural Dissolutions in Science and on Screen from Humboldt to Herzog."  Water, Culture, and Politics in Germany and the American West.  Ed. Susan C. Anderson and Bruce H. Tabb.  New York:  Peter Lang, 2001:  29 - 49.



International Experience

Director 2008, 2011:  UM MCLL German Section Study Abroad Program to Germany/Austria


Autumn 2014

GRMN 301 Oral and Written Expression I MWF 10:10 - 11:00 am LA 306

GRMN 311 Intro to German Literature MWF 11:10 am - 12:00 pm LA 335

Previous Courses

Spring 2014

GRMN 351H / MCLG 330H German Culture to 1900 

Autumn 2013

GRMN 301 Oral and Written Expression I

GRMN 311 Intro to German Literature:  Prose

GRMN 322L / FILM 262L German Cinema


Spring 2013

GRMN 352H / MCLG 331H German Culture: 1900 - Present

GRMN 452 20th Century German Literature:  1945 - 1990


Autumn 2012

GRMN 201 Intermediate German I

LIT 522 / MCLG 522 Nature and Technology in Literature and Film