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Faculty Image Robert Tuck
Office: LA 318
Phone: (406) 243-5301


Current Position:

Assistant Professor of Japanese

Office Hours:

Fall 2014: MTWR 10:00-11:00 a.m. and by appointment

Field Of Study:

19th and 20th century Japanese literature, especially Sino-Japanese poetry (kanshi) and haiku; print and electronic media, poetry as political discourse, modes of literary education and pedagogy; 19th century Sino-Japanese relations.


JPNS 101        Elementary Japanese I                                                        (Fall 2014)

JPNS 301        Advanced Japanese I                                                          (Fall 2014)

Other courses taught: JPNS 371 Japanese Film, JPNS 391 Japanese Manga, Fiction, and Film, JPNS150 Japanese Culture and Civ, JPNS 411 Readings in Modern Japanese Writers and Thinkers


Ph.D., Modern Japanese Literature, Columbia University (2012)

M.A., Modern Japanese Literature, Waseda University (2009)

M.A., Modern Japanese Literature, Columbia University (2007)

M.A., Oriental Studies (Japanese), Wadham College, Oxford University (B.A. 2002, M.A. conferred 2007)

Professional Experience:

Co-ordinator for International Relations, Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture (2003-2005)

Other Publications:

“Telling the Cuckoo Not to Sing: Masaoka Shiki, Censorship, and Haiku as Public Discourse” in Tomi Suzuki, Hirokazu Toeda, Hikari Hori, Kazushige Munakata, eds., Censorship, Media and Literary Culture in Japan: From Edo to Postwar (Tokyo: Shin’yôsha, 2012)

"Poets, Paragons, and Literary Politics: Sugawara no Michizane in Imperial Japan" Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 74-1 (2014), pp. 43-99.