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Faculty Listings

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Name: Department: Email:
Ha, Quan Manh English
Haber, Paul Political Science
Halfpap, Jennifer Mathematical Sciences
Halfpap, Brad Physics and Astronomy
Hall, Stuart Psychology
Halvorson, Sarah J. Geography
Hanson, Mark Liberal Studies
Harper, Joel Geosciences
Harper, Kathleen Geosciences
Harrar, Solomon Mathematical Sciences
Harris, Alice Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Harrison, Brady English
Hassanein, Neva Environmental Studies
Hauer, F. Richard Division of Biological Sciences
Hay, Jesse Division of Biological Sciences
Hayden, Sara Communication Studies
Hendrix, Marc Geosciences
Henry, Joel Computer Science
Hill, Walter Division of Biological Sciences
Hines, Eric Political Science
Hinman, Nancy Geosciences
Hirstein, James Mathematical Sciences
Hoas, Helena Psychology
Hofmann, Michael Geosciences
Holben, William Division of Biological Sciences
Hollist, Dusten Sociology
Hubble, Beth Liberal Studies
Hughes, Rosemary Psychology
Hunt, John English
Huthaily, Khaled Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Hutto, Richard Division of Biological Sciences