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Name: Department: Email:
Kalachev, Leonid Mathematical Sciences
Kamp, Ulrich Geography
Kane, Kathleen English
Kavanaugh, Michael Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
Kayll, Mark Mathematical Sciences
Kellenberg, Derek Economics
Kendall, Jimmy English
Kerr, D. Garry Anthropology
Kia, Ardeshir Anthropology
Kia, Mehrdad History
Kimball, John S. Division of Biological Sciences
Kinch, Ashby English
Klene, Anna Geography
Klink, Joanna English
Knight, Christopher J. English
Koehn, Peter Political Science
Kovalev, Vladimir Physics and Astronomy
Kozul, Mladen Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Krahe, Diane History
Kroll, Evgueny Division of Biological Sciences
Kuipers, Kathy J. Sociology
Kukuk, Penelope Division of Biological Sciences