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AREAS OF STUDY Bachelor's Minor Master's PhD Program
African American Studies Minor
Anthropology Bachelor's Master's PhD
Archaeology Bachelor's
Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Bachelor's
Forensic Anthropology Bachelor's Master's
Linguistics Bachelor's Master's
Medical Anthropology Bachelor's Master's
Cultural Heritage Studies Master's PhD
Applied Anthropology PhD
Applied Science Bachelor's
Astronomy Minor
Biochemistry and Biophysics Master's PhD
Biochemistry Bachelor's Master's
Health Professions Bachelor's
Biology Bachelor's
Cellular and Molecular Biology Bachelor's
Ecology and Organismal Biology Bachelor's
Field Ecology Bachelor's
Human Biological Sciences Bachelor's
Natural History Bachelor's
Teacher Preparation in Biology Bachelor's
Teacher Preparation in General Science Bachelor's
Central and Southwest Asian Studies Bachelor's
Chemistry Bachelor's Master's PhD
Biochemistry Bachelor's
Biological Chemistry Bachelor's
Environmental Chemistry Bachelor's
Forensic Chemistry Bachelor's
Pharmacology Bachelor's
Analytical/Environmental Chemistry Master's PhD
Inorganic Chemistry Master's PhD
Organic Chemistry Master's PhD
Physical Chemistry Master's PhD
Chinese Minor
Classical Civilization Minor
Classics Bachelor's
Classical Civilization Bachelor's
Classical Languages Bachelor's
Latin Bachelor's
Climate Change Studies Minor
Communication Studies Bachelor's Master's
Communication and Human Relationships Bachelor's
Organizational Communication Bachelor's
Rhetoric and Public Discourse Bachelor's
Computer Science Bachelor's Master's
Computer Science - Mathematical Sciences
(combined degree program)
Creative Writing Master's
Fiction Master's
Nonfiction Master's
Poetry Master's
Economics Bachelor's Master's
English Bachelor's Master's
Creative Writing Bachelor's
English Teaching Bachelor's Master's
Film Studies Bachelor's Minor
Linguistics Bachelor's Master's
Literature Bachelor's Master's
Environmental Studies Bachelor's Minor Master's
Environmental Studies and Law Master's PhD
French Bachelor's Minor
Linguistics Bachelor's
Cultural Studies Bachelor's
Geography Bachelor's Master's
Community and Environmental Planning Bachelor's
Physical Geography Bachelor's
Cartography and GIS Master's
Central and Southwest Asian Studies Master's
Community and Environmental Planning Master's
Geosciences Bachelor's Master's PhD
Earth Science Education Bachelor's
German Bachelor's Minor
Global Public Health Minor
Greek Minor
History - Political Science (combined degree program) Bachelor's
History Bachelor's Master's PhD
History Education Bachelor's
Human and Family Development Minor
Integrative Microbiology and Biochemistry PhD
Biochemistry PhD
Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD
Microbial Ecology PhD
Microbiology PhD
Intercultural Youth and Family Development Master's
Interdisciplinary Geosciences Bachelor's
International Development Studies Minor
International Field Geosciences Bachelor's
Irish Studies Minor
Japanese Bachelor's Minor
Latin Minor
Latin American Studies Minor
Liberal Studies Bachelor's Minor
General Humanities Bachelor's
Religious Studies Bachelor's
Women's and Gender Studies Bachelor's Minor
Linguistics Minor Master's
Mathematical Sciences - Computer Science
(combined degree program)
Mathematics Bachelor's Minor Master's PhD
Applied Mathematics Bachelor's
Combinatorics and Optimization Bachelor's
Mathematics Education Bachelor's Master's
Pure Mathematics Bachelor's
Research Master's
Statistics Bachelor's
Medical Technology Bachelor's
Medicinal Chemistry Master's PhD
Microbiology Bachelor's Master's
Microbial Ecology Bachelor's Master's
Military Sciences Minor
Modern Languages and Literature Master's
French Master's
German Master's
Spanish Master's
Native American Studies Bachelor's Minor
Nonprofit Administration Minor
Organismal Biology and Ecology Master's PhD
Philosophy Bachelor's Master's
Environmental Ethics Master's
Physics Bachelor's
Astronomy Bachelor's
Computational Physics Bachelor's
Political Science - History Bachelor's
Political Science Bachelor's Master's
American Politics Bachelor's
International Relations and Comparative Politics Bachelor's
Public Administration Bachelor's
Public Law Bachelor's
Pre-Engineering Program
Pre-Law Program
Pre-Medical Sciences Program
Pre-Nursing Program
Psychology Bachelor's Minor Master's PhD
Research Bachelor's
Animal Behavior Master's PhD
Clinical Master's PhD
Developmental Master's PhD
General Psychology Bachelor's
School Psychology Master's PhD
Russian Bachelor's Minor
Russian Studies Minor
School Psychology PhD
Social Work Bachelor's Master's
Sociology Bachelor's Master's
Criminology Bachelor's Master's
Inequality and Social Justice Bachelor's Master's
Rural and Environmental Change Bachelor's Master's
South and Southeast Asian Studies Minor
Spanish Bachelor's Minor
Wildlife Biology Bachelor's Master's
Aquatic Bachelor's
Terrestrial Bachelor's

As degree options often change, please refer to the catalog for an up to date listing.