The Department of Chemistry’s Magnetic Resonance Facility underwent a major upgrade in 2006 and in 2011 with the addition of three NSF funded spectrometers: Varian Direct Drive 500 MHz and 600 MHz NMR’s and a Bruker EMX PLUS EPR.

The Varian Direct Drive 500 MHz NMR is the routine spectrometer for the facility for research and undergraduate teaching which has dual capabilities in both liquids and solids experiments. The spectrometer’s capabilities are largely based on the diverse capabilities of its probes:

Other notable specifications:

The Varian Direct Drive 600 MHz NMR is the instrument of choice for high resolution research needs with specific capabilities for protein and biomolecular structural research.

The Bruker EMX Plus EPR is a newly installed spectrometer which will allow studies on the effect of unpaired electron systems in protein structure, bioinorganic and inorganic molecular systems.






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