Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Mass Spectrometry facility in the Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB) room 006 and Chemistry building room 119 provides access to mass spectrometers and mass spectrometry expertise. The facility currently maintains the following equipment:

microflex MALDI-TOF mass specrometerA Bruker microflex MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer equipped with a microScout ion source using the Compass Software for data acquisition and spectral optimization as well as Bruker’s Biotools software. The spectrometer is well suited for biomolecules of MW up to 300,000 and proteomic analysis of tryptic digests of proteins.






                                                              MALDI MS USER FEES

Samples run by user:                                                            Samples run by Facility Manager:

              Academic = $15/hour                                                         Academic = $30/hour

              Nonacademic = $30/hour                                                  Nonacademic = $60/hour

Protein ID by tryptic digestion of soluble protein, prepared and run by Facility Manager = $85/sample     

Protein ID by tryptic digestion of protein in gel slice, prepared and run by Facility Manager = $135/sample



Two automated Agilent 6890/5973 GC/MS electron impact (EI) quadrupole systems using Chemstation and NIST database software are available for small molecule identification and quantification. The GC/MS systems are used for low resolution small molecule work as well as undergraduate teaching and training. Both systems are walk-on systems with scheduled training. Rates for UM faculty research groups and external researchers are available on request.




Point of contact:

Earle R. Adams

Facility Manager