Biological Chemistry

One of the primary focuses of the department is in the area of Biological Chemistry. We currently offer both undergraduate and graduate training in Biological Chemistry, and have several faculty performing research in this field.


Orion Berryman - Spatial and temporal control of gene expression with light responsive ligands. 
protein image Bruce Bowler - protein folding and electron transfer reactions in proteins and peptide
New Image Klára Briknarová - Structural biology; biomolecular nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy; protein structure, function and dynamics.
lodmell J. Stephen Lodmell (Division of Biological Sciences) - RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions that are essential for specific replicative functions in retroviruses.
martin Brooke Martin - Examination of the mechanisms of environmental toxic agents, specifically, the inhibitory effects of heavy metals on key energy generating cellular enzymes.
mcguirl Michele McGuirl ( Division of Biological Sciences ) - Metalloprotein structure and function including investigating the structure and metal centers of the prion protein associated with disease, and elucidating the role of amino acid radicals as mediators of long range biological electron transfer.
priestley Nigel Priestley - The study of enzymes and pathways of secondary metabolite production.
J. B. Alexander Ross - Biological fluorescence spectroscopy: protein-protein and protein membrane interactions in initiation of blood coagulation, protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions in regulation of transcription and repair of damaged DNA.
Valeriy Smirnov - Mechanistic, biophysical studies of metalloenzymes; we express enzymes and use home-built instruments to study their kinetics to understand how they work.
sugden Kent Sugden - Investigation of the mechanisms of DNA damage by environmental heavy metals.