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nonactin molecule


Orion Berryman

Orion Berryman

Assistant Professor

Phone: (406) 243-6805
Fax: (406) 243-4227
Office: Chem 009
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Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

Assistant professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


CHMY 223 Organic Chemistry II

CHMY 595 Physical Organic Chemistry

CHMY 630 Departmental Seminar


Personal Summary

Orion grew up enjoying the great outdoors surrounding Homer, Alaska. In 2003 Orion received a B.A. in chemistry and a minor in music from the University of New Hampshire. For postbaccalaureate studies Orion attended the University of Oregon--earning a Ph D. in organic/inorganic chemistry in 2008. During his doctoral studies Orion helped define the nature of anion/arene interactions under the guidance of Darren W. Johnson. Postdoctoral studies led Orion to The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA where he worked for Julius Rebek Jr. developing light responsive catalysts and ligands that encapsulate uranium. In 2012 Orion joined the chemistry and biochemistry faculty at the University of Montana. Orion is a CoBRE investigator within the Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics where he will teach and develop new catalysts that utilize noncovalent interactions as well as self-assembled ligands for ion remediation.


University of New Hampshire 1999-2003

University of Oregon 2003-2008

The Scripps Research Institute 2008-2012

Research Interests


My laboratory works at the interfaces of organic/inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and chemical biology. This interdisciplinary environment affords many opportunities to collaborate and apply concepts of molecular recognition. We develop novel uses for noncovalent interactions and apply them to outstanding and socially relevant problems in chemistry. To reach our targets we employ preparative and analytical techniques including; organic/organometallic synthesis, crystallography, computations, UV-Vis, fluorescence and NMR. When successful we will transform how molecular design is approached with focus on noncovalent interactions.

For further details please follow the link to my lab website:

Field of Study

organic chemistry, catalysis, molecular recognition, self-assembly, ligand development, photoisomerization



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                          - Editor designated “hot paper” for importance in field of high interest.

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-‡ Both authors contributed equally. Highlighted in RSC press release, UK’s Daily Telegraph, MSN news, Yahoo News and AOL news. Cover art.

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II.   Rebek, J. Jr.; Berryman, O. B.; Sather, A. C. “Methods and Compositions for Chelating Metals in Aqueous Solutions.” US Pat. Application # 61/217,078, 2009.

Teaching Experience

Organic Chemistry II (CHMY 223)


Cycling, XC skiing, trumpet, fishing, hunting

University of Montana

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Professor Chris Palmer, Chair

Phone: 406.243.4022 | Fax: 406.243.4227

32 Campus Drive | Missoula, MT 59812