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Our Mission

As faculty members in the Department of Communication Studies, we are committed to promoting knowledge, criticism, and practical application of human communication. We educate students to be critical observers of social problems, to participate effectively in public life as citizens, and to become involved in culturally diverse personal and professional relationships in their communities.

Departmental Objectives

  • To encourage the development of students’ critical and analytic abilities about both the processes and consequences of human communication.
  • To create a stimulating learning environment based on mutual respect, support, and collaborative learning.
  • To establish high standards of scholarship.
  • To deliver a curriculum which integrates humanistic and social scientific perspectives on human communication.
  • To make students aware of diverse cultures and ways of thinking.
  • To improve students' communication skills.
  • To encourage and support faculty in research, creative, and service activities for the discipline, the community, and society.

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