Faculty and Staff


Betsy Bach

Bach, Betsy Professor

Office: LA 415
Email: betsy.bach@umontana.edu

Sara Hayden

Hayden, Sara Professor

Office: LA 346
Email: sara.hayden@mso.umt.edu

Gregory Larson

Larson, Gregory Professor

Office: LA 357
Email: greg.larson@mso.umt.edu

Steve Schwarze

Schwarze, Steve Professor & Department Chair

Office: LA 301A
Fax: 406-243-6136
Email: steven.schwarze@umontana.edu

Alan Sillars

Sillars, Alan Professor

Office: Liberal Arts 345
Fax: 406-243-4463
Email: alan.sillars@mso.umt.edu

Stephen Yoshimura

Yoshimura, Stephen Professor

Office: LA 347
Email: stephen.yoshimura@umontana.edu

Associate Professors

Joel Iverson

Iverson, Joel Associate Professor

Office: LA 359
Email: joel.iverson@umontana.edu

Christina                                          Yoshimura

Yoshimura , Christina Associate Professor

Office: LA 358
Email: christina.yoshimura@umontana.edu


David                                              Airne

Airne , David Director of Debate

Office: LA 237
Email: david.airne@umontana.edu

Adjunct Instructors

Lucy Beighle

Beighle, Lucy Adjunct instructor

Email: lucy.beighle@umontana.edu

Phyllis Ngai

Ngai, Phyllis Adjunct Associate Professor

Office: LA237
Email: phyllis.ngai@umontana.edu


Lanell Curry

Curry, Lanell Administrative Associate

Office: LA 301
Email: lanell.curry@umontana.edu