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COMM Major

How to Become a Major

Entering students or students who desire to change majors will be admitted to a pre-communication studies major (PCOM). Students will be admitted to the major after completing a minimum of 15 University credits including COMX 111 and two additional Communication Studies courses (note: PCOM students may not take any 300- or 400-level courses in the department). If you wish to be admitted to the COMM major, please bring a copy of your transcript to our department Administrative Associate. Your transcript will be reviewed and you will be notified of your acceptance into the department.


To ensure that PCOM students get both their COMM courses and their GER’s completed, they are advised by Peer Advisors in University College. Please go to the Lommasson Center, room 269, to make an appointment with a peer advisor.  Once you are accepted into the department as a COMM major, you will select a faculty advisor with whom you will work to plan your major course of study.  You will meet each semester with your faculty advisor during designated advising times (and more often if you wish).  At this time you will receive approval to pre-register for courses. No PCOM or COMM majors can be sectioned into courses without an advising number.

B.A. Core Requirements

All majors in Communication Studies must complete COMX 111A, 115S, 220S, 240L, 460/461, and a course in statistics (either SOCI 202, STAT 216, PSYX 222, HHP 486, or an equivalent course). A minimum of 36 (but no more than 65) COMM credits, with 18 of those credits in courses numbered 300 and above, is required.

To meet the Upper-Division Writing Expectation for the major, students in Communication Studies must successfully complete one of the following courses: COMX 347, 413, 414, 421, 422, 424, 445, 447, 449 or another course specially approved for this purpose by the University curriculum committee.

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