Students wishing to become COMM majors must first enroll as PCOM majors. The PCOM major is designed to ensure that students have a good foundation in lower-division COMM courses prior to enrolling as a major and taking upper-division (i.e., 300- and 400-level) courses. To become a COMM major, please be mindful of the following:

General Information

  • You must take COMX 111 and 2 lower division COMM courses, and have 16 University Credits to become a COMM major. Note that COMX 115 is currently taught only spring semester on the Main Campus.
  • You can only take lower division COMM courses while a PCOM major. 100- and 200-level courses are foundational courses for all upper division coursework.
  • All courses for both the PCOM and COMM major require a grade of C- or better (per the 2005 UM Catalogue).
  • You cannot sign up for upper-division COMM courses until all three of your PCOM courses are complete. For example, if you are a PCOM student in the fall of 2013, you will not be able to register as a major for COMM courses in spring 2014, as you are completing your PCOM requirements.

Become Familiar with the COMM “Options”

There are three Options from which to choose: Communication and Human Relationships, Organizational Communication, and Rhetoric and Public Discourse.

An option is recommended but not required. See the Departmental Options for more information.


  • To ensure that PCOM students get both their COMM courses and their GER’s completed PCOM students are advised in the Undergraduate Advising Center. Please go to the Lommasson Center, room 269, to make an appointment with an advisor or visit their website to do so online. Once you are accepted into the department as a COMM major, you will select a faculty advisor with whom you will work to plan your major course of study. 
  • That said, we encourage you to stop by and introduce yourselves to faculty in the department. Certainly you are welcome to come by during the Department Chair’s office hours to find out about career opportunities, etc.
  • We also hold a PCOM advising session once a semester for you to learn more about the major.

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student, please see the COMM faculty member who is our Transfer Coordinator. Stop by the COMM Department office in LA 302 and we will point you to that person’s office,

It also helps if you bring either an official or unofficial transcript from your former school and/or your transfer evaluation to UM.