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Computer Science

Recent Publications by Faculty Members and Students

University of Montana student authors indicated with an asterisk

  • Brinkerhoff, D.J., Meierbachtol, T.W., Johnson, J.V., Harper, J.T. (2011) Sensitivity of the frozen-melted basal boundary to perturbations of basal traction and geothermal heat flux: Isunnguata Sermia, western Greenland, Annals of Glaciology, vol. 59 (in press).
  • Calov, R., Greve, R., Abe-Ouchi, A., Bueler, E., Huybrechts, P., Johnson, J.V., Pattyn, F., Pollard, D., Ritz, C., Saito, F., Tarasov, L. (2010) Results from the Ice- Sheet Model Intercomparison ProjectHeinrich Event INtercOmparison (ISMIP HEINO). Journal of Glaciology, vol. 56 (197) pp. 371-383.
  • Chen, M. (in press) Temporal-based video event detection and retrieval. In C.-H. Wei (Ed.), Machine learning techniques for adaptive multimedia retrieval: technologies applications and perspectives, IGI Global.
  • Chen, M., Chen, S.-C., & Shyu, M.-L. (in press) Content-based retrieval of video. P. Sheu, H. Yu, C.V. Ramamoorthy, A. Joshi, & L. Zadeh (Eds.), Semantic computing, IEEE Press/Wiley.
  • Chen, S.-C., ChenM., Zhao, N., Hamid, S., Chatterjee, K., & Armella, M. (2009) Florida public hurricane loss model: research in multi-disciplinary system integration assisting government policy making. Special Issue on Building the Next Generation Infrastructure for Digital Government, Government Information Quarterly, 26(2), 285-294.
  • ChenM., Miyashita, M., *Ufen, B.*Bahls, B., & *Julian, T. (2009) A multimedia scripting system for endangered language learning. In Proceedings of Second Workshop on Story-Telling and Educational Games.
  • Deole, R., Challacombe, J., Raiford, D. W., & Hoff, W. D. (2012). An Extremely Halophilic Proteobacterium Combines a Highly Acidic Proteome with a Low Cytoplasmic Potassium Content. J Biol Chem. 288(1):581-8
  • Dov Gordon, Tal Malkin, Mike Rosulek, and Hoeteck Wee. Multi-Party Computation for Polynomials and Branching Programs without Simultaneous Interaction. To appear in EUROCRYPT: International Cryptology Conference. 2013.
  • Heizer Jr., Esley., Raiford, Douglas. W., Raymer, Michael, Doom, Travis, Miller, Robert., & Krane, Dan. (2006). “Amino acid cost and codon usage biases in six prokaryotic genomes: A whole-genome analysis.” Mol Biol Evol, 23(9), 1670–1680.
  • Hemanta Maji, Manoj Prabhakaran, and Mike Rosulek. A Unified Characterization of Completeness and Triviality for Secure Function Evaluation. In INDOCRYPT: International Conference on Cryptology in India, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science v7668, p40--59. 2012.
  • Kotamarti, Rao M., Hahsler, Michael, Raiford, Douglas, McGee, Monnie, & Dunham, Margaret H. 2010a. Analyzing Taxonomic Classification Using Extensible Markov Models. Oxford Journal of Bioinformatics, July 12.
  • H.K. Maji, M. Prabhakaran, M. Rosulek. Complexity of Multiparty Computation Problems: The Case of 2-Party Symmetric Secure Function Evaluation. In Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC) 2009. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science v5444, p256-273.
  • H.K. Maji, M. Prabhakaran, M. Rosulek. Cryptographic Complexity Classes and Computational Intractability Assumptions. In Innovations in Computer Science (ICS) 2010. Tsinghua University Press, p266-289.
  • H.K. Maji, M. Prabhakaran, M. Rosulek. A Zero-One Law for Deterministic 2-Party Secure Computation. In CRYPTO: Advances in Cryptology 2010. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science v6223, p595-612
  • H.K. Maji, M. Prabhakaran, M. Rosulek. Attribute-Based Signatures. To appear, CT-RSA: RSA Conference, Cryptographers' Track 2011.
  • H.K. Maji, M. Prabhakaran, M. Rosulek. Exploring the Limits of Common Coins using Frontier Analysis of Protocols. To appear, Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC) 2011.
  • Mike Rosulek. Universal Composability from Essentially Any Trusted Setup. In CRYPTO: Advances in Cryptology, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science v7417, p406--423. 2012.
  • Mike Rosulek. Must You Know the Code of f to Securely Compute f? In CRYPTO: Advances in Cryptology, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science v7417, p87--104. 2012.
  • Raiford, Douglas W., Doom, Travis E., Krane, Dan E., & Raymer, Michael E. 2010. A genetic optimization approach for isolating translational efficiency bias. Accepted for publication in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 11 February, 2010. IEEE computer Society Digital Library, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Raiford, Douglas W., Heizer Jr., Esley M., Miller, Robert V., Doom, Travis E., Raymer, Michael L., & Krane, Dan E. (2012). Metabolic and Translational Efficiency in Microbial Organisms. Journal of Molecular Evolution 74(3), 206-216.
  • Raiford, Douglas W., Heizer Jr., Esley M., Miller, Robert V., Akashi, Hiroshi, Raymer, Michael L., & Krane, Dan E. 2008b. Do amino acid biosynthetic costs constrain protein evolution in Saccharomyces cerevisiae? J. Mol. Evol., 67(6)(Dec), 621-30.
  • Raiford, Douglas W., Krane, Dan E., Doom, Travis E., Raymer, Michael L. Automated Isolation of Translational Efficiency Bias that Resists the Confounding Effect of GC(AT)-ContentIEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 19 June 2008. IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. IEEE Computer Society, 30 June 2008.
  • Reimer, Y.J. (2012). Lost and Found: Lessons Learned from a Design Retrospective. Proceedings of the 2012 ACM annual conference extended abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts (CHI EA ’12), pp. 541-556. ACM Press. DOI Information: 10.1145/2212776.2212829
  • Reimer, Y.J., Cennamo, K., & Douglas, S.A. (2012). Emergent Themes in a UI Design Hybrid-Studio Course. Proceedings of the 43rd ACM technical symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE ‘12), pp. 625-630. ACM Press. DOI Information: 10.1145/2157136.2157315
  • Reimer, Y.J., *Hagedal, M., *Wolf, P., & *Bahls, B. (2009). Turning the desktop inside-out: Evaluating information access and management through a single interface. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 62(12), pp. 2327-2346. DOI Information: 10.1002/asi.21627
  • Zhao, N., ChenM., Chen, S.-C., & Shyu, M.-L. (in press) User adaptive video retrieval on mobile devices. L. T. Yang, A. B. Waluyo, J. Ma, L. Tan & B. Srinivasan (Eds.), Mobile intelligence: when computational intelligence meets mobile paradigm, John Wiley & Sons Inc. 
  • R. Amzi Jeffs and Mike Rosulek. Characterizing the Cryptographic Properties of Reactive 2-Party Functionalities. To appear in TCC: Theory of Cryptography Conference. 2013.
  • Whigham, P. A., Dick, G., Wright, A., and Specer, H. J. 2013. Structured populations and the maintenance of sex. To be presented at EvoBIO 2013 and to appear in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7833.

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