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M.F.A. Requirements

The M.F.A. Program in Fiction, Nonfiction or Poetry normally takes two years to complete. Some students who choose to attend part-time take three years. Candidates must complete 45 graduate semester hours and submit a thesis (polished body of work) acceptable to their M.F.A. committee and to the Graduate School.

The English Department website has many of the  current course descriptions.

Thesis requirements:

A prose thesis may be a novel, a group of short stories, or a collection of nonfiction essays. Minimum length for any prose thesis is 80 pages. A poetry thesis requires a minumum of 40 pages of poems.

Candidates give a public thesis reading after committee approval.

With committee and graduate chair permission, an M.F.A. could comprise work in both prose and poetry.

Class requirements:

Four 500-level creative writing workshops (12 credits)

*Students may take only one additional workshop for elective credit. 

One techniques course -- Prosody, Techniques of Fiction or Techniques of Nonfiction (3 credits)

Four literature courses (12 credits)

*One 500-level seminar and one 500- or 400-level literature course are required, but the remaining two courses can be substituted with a "special topics" creative writing class, an independent study with a literature professor, or a second techniques class.

Thesis Credits (up to 12)

*These credits serve as placeholders for work done on the thesis, but they are not required. Students can take other electives instead.

Electives (6 credits)

Excluding up to 12 credits for the professional paper, at least 18 of the 33 remaining credits must be earned in 500-level courses. Students may take up to 12 400- or 500-level credits in courses outside the department.