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    Many labs in DBS have interests in animal behavior and development, such as the mechanics of flight.

    Cell Trafficking

    Our students study cutting-edge topics in cell and molecular biology.
    Our students study population and community level ecology at spectacular nearby locations.
    Many DBS faculty study diverse aspects of population biology and animal behavior.
    We use advanced biochemical techniques to study molecular structure and function.

Welcome to the Division of Biological Sciences

From molecules to ecosystems

The Division of Biological Sciences (DBS) is home to faculty and students who study diverse aspects of biology, ranging from detailed molecular and cellular mechanisms to expansive ecosystem processes. Our exceptional faculty are committed to undergraduate and graduate education through cutting-edge classes and hands-on training in both laboratory and field-based research. We encourage you to use this website to explore the dynamic scientific interests of DBS faculty, our outstanding graduate and undergraduate programs, and the exciting educational opportunities available through DBS

DBS Calendar

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