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Fishman Lab

Welcome to the Fishman Lab

The origins and maintenance of natural variation is the central puzzle in evolutionary biology. What maintains variation within populations? How and why do populations diverge? How are populations transformed into reproductively isolated species? In the Fishman Lab, we use a variety of approaches – from field and greenhouse experiments to genetic mapping and molecular evolution analyses – to address these fundamental questions about the mechanisms that shape plant diversity.

Mostly, we study yellow monkeyflowers (Mimulus guttatus species complex) and other members of the genus Mimulus (Phrymaceae). Monkeyflowers exhibit tremendous phenotypic and genetic variation at a variety of scales; this diversity, combined with experimental tractability and new genomic/genetic resources, has made Mimulus an emerging model system for evolutionary and ecological genomics.

Interested in joining the lab? Please contact Dr. Fishman ( directly if you are interested in graduate studies in plant evolution through the OBE program. We also often have positions available for post-baccalaureate researchers and undergraduate students (paid or for credit)