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The University of Montana
ISB 106
Missoula, MT 59812
Phone: 406.243.6003
Fax: 406.243.6024

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Molecular Computational Core Facility

Fee Structure

Contracted Services (A) and Collaborative Subcontracts (B)

(A) Core Contracted Services

A1: Account Set-up

$25.00, one-time charge per user- mandatory

  • Login access to any workstation (includes on-campus remote access).
  • First 10GB of home storage free.
  • First hour of training/consultation free.
  • Routine user support included.
  • First three hours of interactive login free.
  • Free temporary/scratch storage (purged regularly).
  • Additional training/consultation, background/interactive computation time, and/or storage/archiving charged at standard rates

A2: Interactive and Background Computation Rates

Mandatory if using core machines, otherwise optional; rates are for executed processes that are monitored across the machines.

  • General Use (4-8 core workstations available for walk-in usage): $0.50/hr
  • sk482wrk03 (16 core, 64GB RAM workstation, restricted use): $1.00/hr

A3: Personal Training/Consultation

$65.00 per hour, optional

  • Training in computer/software use for new users (first hour is free with account setup).
  • Consultation of scientific problems, suggested methodology, troubleshooting.
  • Compilation and/or installation of specialized software or scripts beyond basic user support.
  • Computer building, hardware installation, operating system installation.
  • Note: Routine user support (questions, bugs, etc.), occasional training workshops, and consultations for grant writing/budgeting are afforded for free.

A4: Remote Access Fee

$10.00 per month, optional

  • Login access to ssh server accessible off-campus; allows for shell access to other UMT computers.
  • First 1GB of home storage free.
  • Additional storage charged at standard rates (see A5 below).

A5: Storage/Archiving

$1.00 per GB per month, optional

  • First 10GB free but files greater than 1 year old may be deleted unless archive fee paid.
  • Temporary/scratch storage free on each machine, but purged regularly and not backed up.
  • Home directories hosted/backed up on RAID file server.
  • Alternate backup/transfer options can be arranged at consultation fee rate (see A3).

A6: Machine Hosting/Administration Fees

Fee covers locating a user's machine in the core, optional

$10 per month, No Administration

  • We provide the space, power, cooling, and network access to your machine located in the core ("co-lo")

$20 per month, Administration

  • In addition to the above, we also administer the machine (user support, software installation, etc.) located in the core.

    (B) Core Collaborative Subcontract Investigations

    B1: For some computational projects investigators may desire to establish a formal collaborative subcontract for computational efforts. For example, this might be to accomplish specific computational goals and aims of an externally funded investigation, where formal collaborations can be for access to core resources, personnel and collaborative research ventures. 

    B2: Collaborative investigators can be from The University of Montana or external to the University.  

    The protocol for consummating a collaboration is to:

    1. Establish a suitable collaborative justified budget adjunct with a letter of collaboration from the Core Director and a statement of work regarding what the core will provide;
    2. Submitting the budget, letter and statement of work with your grant application; and
    3. then once external funds are secured the collaboration can be initiated.

    B3: To accomplish those tasks, it is recommended that you first meet with the core personnel, Drs. Gerdes, Braden and Knight to discuss your project goals and aims. This consultation is pro bono.  Discussion insights will lend to identifying the types and amounts of core services that would be appropriate to the investigation and also the depth of the collaboration that is considered suitable.  Thereafter, an initial collaborative subcontract budget is drawn, based on the fee rate structure found above in section A. If the investigator is external to The University of Montana, a Facilities and Administration charge must also be included in the budget.

    Core personnel can help refine the investigator’s computational goals relative to resource needs, thereby affording a final realistic budget. The final budget, letter of support and statement of work, are drawn and serve the investigator and the core as a collaborative and financial framework for executing the computational investigation.

    B4: It is appreciated that that some investigations may change over time relative to the originally planned computational efforts.  If that occurs, then core personnel will work with the investigator to revise the budget and statement of work to reflect the new computational goals, aims and prospective costs.

    If you have questions about our user fees please contact us.

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