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The University of Montana
ISB 106
Missoula, MT 59812
Phone: 406.243.6003
Fax: 406.243.6024

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Macromolecular X-ray Diffraction Facility

Instruments, computer software and materials: Macromolecular Capabilities

  • Rigaku MicroMax 007HF X-ray generator with VariMax HighFlux optic and R-AXIS IV image plate detector (located in Skaggs 267)
  • Oxford liquid nitrogen crystal cryo-cooling system (Skaggs, 267)
  • Art Robbins Instruments GRYPHON liquid-handling crystallization robot (Interdisciplinary Science Building 207)
  • JANSi UV and Olympus microscopes for crystal viewing and documentation (ISB 207)
  • 3 low-vibration incubators (4-20oC) for storage of crystallization experiments
  • Six terabyte RAID5 file system mounted on a Dell PowerEdge R310 server for crystallographic computing and data storage (Skaggs, server room)
  • One DELL workstation, installed with current crystallographic software suites, is available for in-house and remote diffraction data processing and structure determination (ISB 104)
  • HKL2000 and D* software for data processing and scaling
  • CCP4, PHENIX, CNS, COOT, and PYMOL software packages for structure determination and visualization.
  • Crystallization kits, including Hampton, JCSG, Wizard Suites
JANSi UV Microscope Rotating Anode

Instruments, computer software and materials: Small Molecule Capabilities

  • Bruker D8 Venture fixed Chi dual source small molecule diffractometer with both Mo Kα radiation (TRIUMPH monochromator) and Cu microfocus (IμS) Kα radiation with PHOTON 100 CMOS detector
  • Oxford cryostream 700 Plus liquid nitrogen cryo-cooling system with auto refill
  • Meiji optical microscope with various crystal manipulation tools
  • Dell workstation running Windows 7 and the APEX 2 software suite including ShelXTL
  • Powder X-ray diffraction capabilities (optimal for small quantities of sample)
Bruker D8 Venture Bruker D8 Venture

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