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    Judicious use of noncovalent interactions will advance organocatalysis.
    Anion templated self-assembly promises to produce selective ligands for water purification.
    Porous structures assembled with uranium exhibit endohedral functionality.
    Light responsive DNA binding molecules will regulate gene expression.

Welcome to the Berryman Laboratory Website!

We work at the interfaces of organic/inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and chemical biology. This interdisciplinary environment affords many opportunities to collaborate and apply concepts of molecular recognition.
We develop novel uses for noncovalent interactions and apply them to outstanding and socially relevant problems in chemistry.

To reach our targets we employ preparative and analytical techniques including; organic/organometallic synthesis, crystallography, computations, UV-Vis, fluorescence and NMR. When successful we will transform how molecular design is approached with focus on noncovalent interactions.


News & Events

December 2014 - Congratulations to Casey, Asia, George and Dan for successfully publishing our first lab mauscript.

Casey J. Massena,‡ Asia Marie S. Riel,‡ George F. Neuhaus, Daniel A. Decato, and Orion B. Berryman*

Chemical Communications, 2014, DOI: 10.1039/C4CC09242B!divAbstract


Exploiting halogen and C-H hydrogen bonds to target the medically and environmentally important perrhenate anion is an exciting strategy. The intricate balance between halogen and hydrogen bonding in both the solid state and solution is represented by two crystal structures competing for the perrhenate anion. This contest is set on Flathead Lake, Montana, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi river and remnant of the ancient glacial Lake Missoula.  

November - Prototype 3D printed crystal structures have arrived in Montana

3D print

October 2014 - The new X-ray diffractometer collects it's 50th data set

September 2014 - Another successful CBSD retreat in the books

September 2014 - Welcome undergraduate Nicholas (Walt) Walters to the lab!

August 2014 - SpectrUM chemistry camp gets a workshop on crystals and X-ray diffraction

June 2014 - The 2014 American Chemical Society NORM meeting was a great success in Missoula. In the organic symposium we had outstanding talks from the likes of Julius Rebek Jr., Amar Flood and Darren Johnson among others. 

June 2014 - The "Crystallography for chemists" workshop with Chuck Campana from Bruker was held at UM with attendees from UM, Montana State University, Boise State Univeristy and University of Idaho.

June 2014 - 1st year graduate student Asia Riel completes outreach with native kids in eastern Montana

June 2014 - 1st year graduate Student Daniel Decato attended the 2014 Canadian Chemical Crystallography Workshop in Vancouver, B.C.

May 2014 - Congrats to Nick Wageling for being awarded a CBSD research fellowship and for passing his dissertation proposal!

May 2014 - Congrats to George Neuhaus and Geffrey Glidewell for winning the Lewis F. Kinney award and the physical chemistry award at the department spring awards

April 2014 - Professor Berryman gives the Keynote lecture at the Montana Spring ACS meeeting in Helena, MT

February 2014 - Our new dual source small molecule X-ray diffractometer is installed and running!!

UM Press Release
Missoulian Article
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January 2014 - Congrats to Nick for passing his divisional exam and to Casey for passing his preliminary exams!

August 2013 - Congrats to Asia, Dan and Ari for passing the preliminary exams.

July 2013 - Welcome to the lab and Montana Asia Riel and Daniel Decato.

June 2013 - Casey Massena joins us this summer for some good ol' fashioned undergraduate research.

May 2013 - Neal Whaley receives the award for outstanding organic student at the department BBQ

May 2013 - Our own George Neuhaus wins a UMCUR poster award and receives a Watkins Scholarship to do undergraduate research next year.

December 2013 – Welcome to the lab my new army of undergraduates: Alek, Erin, Christian, Julia, Neal, George and Geoffrey!!!

November 2013 – Welcome to Montana and the lab Ariana Rose! Lab renovations are complete: let the purchasing commence.

September 2013 – Lab renovations have commenced: new hoods and sinks here we come!

August 2013 – Welcome to Montana and the lab Ph.D. candidate Nicholas Wageling!