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Contributions to H&S

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Dear Friends,

The College of Humanities and Sciences is the largest college on campus with 23 departments and six programs. We are committed to providing the general education for all UM students and are also committed to the people of Montana to provide high quality teaching and focused research in the pursuit of new knowledge. We promote substantive interactions between the sciences and humanities in order to ensure a true interdisciplinary liberal arts education.

In the coming year we hope to: increase the number of students able to partake in a study abroad experience, enhance standing in graduate education, and partner with colleges across campus in aiding student success. Your support helps us meet these goals as well as continually enhance the educational experiences of our students. The Payne Family Native American Center and the 144 privately funded scholarships presented to students in 2010 totaling more than $400,000 are evidence that private philanthropy truly does make a difference to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Thank you for remaining connected to the College and for your support of our work. I encourage you to peruse our updated website at for news about the college. Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments or news.


Chris Comer

For more information about making a gift
(with no obligation to do so), please contact:

College of Humanities and Sciences
Telephone: 406–243–2632
Fax: 406–243–4076

Thank you for partnering with us in our transformative work!