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TRiO helps students succeed!  Our students are rockstars who continually challenge themselves, inspire our staff and set and example for their peers.  Each month we feature a TRiO SSS student who has excelled in their studies and is progressing toward graduation!



Misty Dougherty

My name is Misty Dougherty. I am a fifth-year psychology major minoring in human and family development. I come from a small town in Montana and am the first-generation to go to college in my family. This college experience has directed me into a direction none of my family has achieved before.

I started with TRiO – Upward Bound from eighth through twelfth grade and continued with TRiO – Student Support Services in College. They have always been a great help to me and have enhanced my education. It was awesome to be notified that I got nominated for student of the month through TRiO SSS. My five-year journey has been a hard one for me to reach my goal for a psychology degree. Over the past five years the TRiO program has helped mold me into a better student, better professional, and an overall happier person.

I would especially like to thank Janet Zupan for being the biggest support of all. She has been there through thick and thin every semester, for every year and she is the best advisor. Without TRiO SSS or Janet Zupan I would not be getting my degree in May 2014. I cannot thank these services enough.

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*TRiO SSS is funded each year at $437,886, 93% of which is federal funds. More information on the federal TRiO programs is available on the US Department of Education website.