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MA in Teaching

The M.A. in English Teaching offers a balance of advanced studies in composition, linguistics, literature, critical theory and pedagogy. Graduate students have two options for completing the M.A. degree in English Teaching: Strand One is designed to extend and enrich the professional development of experienced middle school and high school teachers of English language arts. Strand Two is designed for individuals who have a B.A. in English or related field and who wish to be licensed to teach English at the secondary level (grades 5-12) while they work on the M.A. in English Teaching. With additional coursework, field experiences, and student teaching, individuals may receive licensure and an M.A. degree. In addition to applying to the M.A. in English Teaching, prospective candidates should apply as well to the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction in order to take licensure courses at the graduate level. The English Teaching Program is also the home of the Montana Writing Project an affiliate of the National Writing Project, which is dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of writing at all grade levels.


M.A.T. graduates pursue opportunities in secondary education and/or go on to leadership positions in middle and high school English departments and/or curriculum programs. Candidates may apply for admission at any time of the year. In a typical year, 3 - 10 students enter the program; rates of acceptance are higher than for the other two programs.


Degree Requirements

The requirements for the MA in Teaching degree include thirty-six (36) credits of graduate-level course work, an in-house professional paper, and an oral defense in the final semester. Course requirements include three 500-level workshops in English teaching pedagogy, two 500-level literature seminars, and up to 4 professional paper credits. Students must also complete 20th Century Critical Theory, and either Introduction to Linguistics or Structure and History of English for Teachers (unless these courses or their equivalents have already been completed). Students may take up to nine (9) credits in courses outside the department, and up to nine (9) credits of Graduate Independent Study. Excluding professional paper credits, half of the remaining credits must be earned in 500-level courses.


Application Deadline and Requirements

With a rolling admissions policy, there is no application deadline. However, if you wish to receive a Teaching Assistantship, your completed application packet must be postmarked by January 6.

Normally, applicants must have at least one year's experience teaching English full-time at the middle school or high school level. Applicants who have a B.A. in English and who wish to be certified may also be admitted. In addition to the materials required by the Graduate School, the English Department also requires:

More Information

To learn more about the program, visit the English Teaching webpages and/or contact the program´s Director.