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MA in Linguistics

In the Linguistics program, students study, understand, and describe the details of individual languages: the sounds used by individual languages and the make–up of words, phrases and sentences. The understanding of linguistic principles is applied to a variety of fields, including language teaching, language therapy, communication, speech synthesis, and language preservation.

The Linguistics Program at the University of Montana is the only program that offers an MA in Linguistics in the state of Montana. Students admitted to the Program fulfill one 36 credit–hour program of study to complete the degree. The thesis option entails thirty (30) credits of coursework and six (6) thesis credits (including a thesis defense), while the non–thesis option entails thirty–six (36) credits of coursework and a comprehensive examination.

Application Materials and Deadline

The Linguistics Program admits applicants for Fall semester and requires that their files be complete by 15 February in order to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship. In addition to the application materials required by the Graduate School, the Linguistics Program also requires:

Program Requirements for Admission

Assistantship Application

Applicants for teaching and research assistantships must submit normal application materials (see above) plus a piece of expository writing that shows the applicant´s writing ability. 15 February is the deadline for fall semester awards.

Teaching Assistantships

The Linguistics Program has four teaching assistantships available each year. Graduate students in these positions teach English for Academic Purposes to international students whose English is under 580 on the paper TOEFL (237 on the computer–based exam or 92 on the internet–based exam) under the direction of Linguistics Program faculty (typically, second year students). Only applicants with full status to the Graduate School are eligible for teaching assistantships.

Full–time teaching assistants are responsible for classroom instruction in the classes to which they are assigned and work approximately 15 to 20 hours a week each semester of the academic year. In addition to their salaries, teaching assistants receive a tuition fee waiver (in–state or out–of–state) and a waiver of the registration fee. Other fees charged by the University are not included in the TA fee waiver package. Students must reapply each year for teaching assistantships. Both current and incoming graduate students are encouraged to apply. A certain number of assistantships are reserved each year for incoming graduate students. Teaching assistants are required to register for nine (9) credits each semester.

Research Assistantships

The Linguistics Program has research assistantships dependent on faculty research grant funding. While tuition and fee waivers are not included in these appointments, the salary may be adjusted to help students pay a portion of these charges. Research assistants are required to register for nine (9) credits each semester.

More Information

See the Linguistics webpage for a detailing of the requirements for the MA degree and other information.