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College of Humanities & Sciences


The University of Montana Environmental Studies program is a diverse, interdisciplinary program that focuses on the concepts of social change and important environmental topics and issues.

The program offers a B.A. and an M.S. with multiple focus areas in each.

Recent News

Andrews Receives 2014 Barnes & Noble Discover Award

Photo of Bryce Andrews and Cover of his book Badluck Way

Congratulations to Bryce Andrews , EVST alum (2009), winner of the 2014 Barnes and Noble Discover Award for Nonfiction for Badluck Way!  This book evolved from his EVST thesis.  A Barnes and Noble editorial calls Andrews' book a "haunting memoir [that] tells us much...

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ex•tinc•tion wit•ness launched by EVST Alum

white hummingbird on black background with a while swirl line

Megan Hollingsworth, EVST Master’s Alum 2007, announces the launch of the ex•tinc•tion wit•ness website. ex•tinc•tion wit•ness is a collaborative art project offering creative witness, revolving monthly, with groups being and...

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Hassanein receives Distinguished Alumni Award

photo of Professor Neva Hassanein

Prof. Neva Hassanein, who has helped transform the food system in W. MT, has been selected to receive the University of Wisconsin's 2015 Nelson Institute Distinguished Alumni Award, which will be presented at the 9th annual Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference on April 20, 2015, in Madison,...

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Grad Student Organizes International Whitewater Festival

Photo of many paddlers and guides holding JondachiFest banner by Jondachi River, Ecuador

As part of an EVST internship, Chandra Brown, EVST grad student, organized JondachiFest, an international whitewater festival, to celebrate the soon-to-be dammed Jondachi River in Ecuador.  Adam Andis, also an EVST grad student, went along in January to photograph the event. ...

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Students, Food Stamps, and Transitions

book laying open on green grass with red apple on top

Erica Langston, EVST Master's Candidate, recently shared her story about the beneficial role of Food Stamps in student's lives. Read Erica's Starving Students piece  in the Independent.

Unexpected encounters with nature described by EVST alum

While it's no joke running into a moose in the forest, writer and EVST alum Alex Johnson has spent enough time in places like remote Alaskan river systems and the mountains of eastern California and western Colorado to have had his share of encounters.  In the current issue of...

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