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College of Humanities & Sciences

Welcome to the UM FLAT

The UM Flat is a living and learning residence for UM students to demonstrate sustainable ways of living.  We strive to embody Montanan values--strengthening our relationship with the land and the community while maintaining our independence through sustainable living practices.  We draw on the latest technologies (such as an energy monitoring system) and proven technologies (such as a clay oven) to achieve those ends.  We provide opportunities to experiment, to gather and learn from one another, to bridge the university and Missoula communities, and to evaluate daily choices in a mindful way.  Our projects are driven by UM students--graduate and undergraduate, residents, interns, whole classes--and facilitated by a community of businesses, organizations, contractors, and donors.  Together we are making efficient and mindful living more approachable.

um falt street view

What do we do?

  • Up to six UM students (grad and undergrad) live in the house and coordinate activities.  These activities include:
  • Designing, funding, and implementing sustainable projects (past examples include solar panels, a garden, solar dehydrators, etc.)
  • Hosting events and activities in the UMFLAT Studio (a remodeled two-car garage turned community meeting space)
  • Holding workdays and workshops for volunteers
  • Giving tours to classes and groups
  • Involving student interns
  • Representing our interests in housing and sustainability to UM administrators
  • Partnering with professors, student groups, and community organizations to provide learning opportunities

Find out more & keep up-to-date!

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Check out the UM FLAT Wordpress blog and the UM FLAT Facebook page!

The UM FLAT Studio

A meeting space for UM students, courses, and community organizations.

Envisioned, designed, and executed by students (with help from our gracious mentors) the UMFLAT Studio features passive solar design, straw bale and recycled paper insulation, hand-mixed clay plastered wall, locally harvested wood paneling, thermal mass concrete flooring, pellet-stove heating, double studded walls, and student artwork.

30 chairs, 4 long tables, and a projector screen are available.  More chairs and tables, dishware, silverware, mugs and glasses, hot water container, and speakers are available upon request.

For more information and availability, email us at

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University of Montana

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