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Global Health in the Global South: Montana's Mountains Beyond Mountains Lecture Series

(PSCI 191 – Special Topics), CRN 35251

Spring Semester 2015 • Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm

GBB 106  Peter Koehn, Department of Political Science, The University of Montana

The Global Public Health program announces “Global Health in the Global South: Montana’s Mountains Beyond Mountains” a lecture series for Spring Semester 2014. This 1‐credit pass/no pass course (PSCI 191) features weekly lectures by prominent Montana local health‐care practitioners and professionals who also work in low‐income countries. The series introduces students to health‐care issues facing the world community from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics to be addressed by Montana’s “mountains beyond mountains” include an overview of global health, health systems in developing countries, HIV/AIDS, maternal and infant health care and mortality, tick‐borne relapsing fever, the transnational inter‐connectedness of health care, emerging diseases, and the impact of international experience on the pursuit of family‐medicine careers. This series is intended for a broad range of academic interests and includes insights from medicine, epidemiology, nursing, anthropology, biology, political science, community‐health planning, communications, and ethics. Undergraduate students from all majors as well as the wider western Montana community should find the series enlightening and inspiring. The complete list of speakers and topics follows.

Lecture Series Schedule

Jan 28    

Peter Koehn, PhD, Department of Political Science, UM
"Global Public Health: Lessons from Ebola 2014/2015”

Feb 4      

Darin Bell, MD, Hospitalist, St. Patrick Hospital
"The Interplay of Human and Environmental Health: Experiences in Borneo"

Feb 11    

Mark Schulein, MD, Family Medicine, Livingston Memorial Health Hospital
"Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene: Forgotten Foundations of Health"

Feb 18

George Risi, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist, St. Patrick Hospital
"Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever: An Overview and Personal Perspective"

Feb 25

Michele Sare, MSN, RN, Founder of Nurses for Nurses
"16 Horses to Every Person: Challenges in Healthcare International Delivery in Rural Mongolia”

Mar 4

Rick Aldred, President and Co-founder of Eleanore’s Project, Inc.
"Eleanore’s Project: A Look Behind the Curtain"

Mar 11

John Miller, MD, Family Medicine, Partnership Health Center
"Local Global Health: Helping the Underserved in Our Communities"

Mar 18

Charlotte Kutsch, MD, Dermatology, Western Montana Clinic
"Teaching Dermatology in Cambodia and What Cambodia Taught Me about Public Health"

Mar 25

Rachael Schmoker, GPH minor, UM
"Healthcare Challenges in Khayelitsha, South Africa: Addressing HIV Prevalence through the Social Construction of Disease"

Apr 8

Joey Banks, MD, Family Medicine, Blue Mountain Clinic
"Cervical Cancer Screening in Africa with Grounds for Health: Analyzing One NGO'ss Way of Providing Care"

Apr 15

Roger Furlong, MD, Rocky Mountain Eye Center
"Global Blindness: Impacts and Emerging Solutions"

Apr 22

Nerissa Koehn, MD, Family Medicine, Partnership Health Center, with Felicia Lucas, Justing Perry, and Emma Wright
"How International Experiences as Students Led to an Interest in Family Medicine"

Apr 29

Lisa Fleischer, MD, Family Kalispell Regional Medical Center
"Lessons from Longitudinal Medical Volunteer Work in St. Medicine, Lucia"

May 6

State Senator Richard Barrett, PhD, Economics, UM Emeritus
"Community Based Medical Assistance: The Work of Missoula Medical Aid in Honduras"

May 13

Celebration Event 7-8 pm

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