Faculty in the Department of History


Richard Drake

Richard Drake Professor of History

Office: LA 257A
Email: richard.drake@mso.umt.edu
Personal Website
John Eglin

John Eglin Professor of History

Office: LA 255
Email: john.eglin@umontana.edu

Linda S. Frey

Linda S. Frey Professor of History

Office: LA 252
Email: linda.frey@mso.umt.edu

Robert H. Greene

Robert H. Greene Associate Professor of History; Chair of the History Department

Office: LA 258
Email: robert.greene@umontana.edu

Anya Jabour

Anya Jabour Professor of History; Co-Director, Women & Gender Studies

Office: LA 262
Email: anya.jabour@umontana.edu

Mehrdad Kia

Mehrdad Kia Professor of History; Director, Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center

Office: Stone Hall 303C
Email: mehrdad.kia@mso.umt.edu
Personal Website
Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer Professor of History

Office: LA 253
Email: michael.mayer@mso.umt.edu

Jody Pavilack

Jody Pavilack Associate Professor of History; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Office: LA 265
Email: jody.pavilack@mso.umt.edu

Tobin Miller Shearer

Tobin Miller Shearer Associate Professor of History; Director of African-American Studies

Office: LA 262
Email: tobin.shearer@umontana.edu

Kyle G. Volk

Kyle G. Volk Associate Professor of History; Director of Graduate Studies

Office: LA 260
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: kyle.volk@umontana.edu
Personal Website
Jeff Wiltse

Jeff Wiltse Associate Professor of History

Office: LA 263
Email: jeff.wiltse@mso.umt.edu

Visiting Faculty

Gillian Glaes

Gillian Glaes Visiting Associate Professor of History

Office: LA 259
Fax: (406) 243-4076
Email: gillian.glaes@mso.umt.edu


George Price

George Price Lecturer

Office: NAC 203E
Email: george.price@mso.umt.edu

Research Faculty

Ted Catton
Associate Research Professor

Office: home
Email: ted.r.catton@umontana.edu

Diane Krahe
Faculty Affiliate

Office: home
Email: diane.krahe@umontana.edu

Steven I. Levine
Research Faculty Associate

Email: steven.levine@mso.umt.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Hayden Ausland

Office: LA 424
Email: hayden.ausland@mso.umt.edu

David Beck

Office: NAC 203D
Email: dave.beck@mso.umt.edu

Richmond Clow

Office: NAC 203G
Email: clowrl@mso.umt.edu

Wade Davies
Professor & Co-Chair

Office: NAC 203A
Email: wade.davies@mso.umt.edu

Ardeshir Kia
Associate Director, Central and Southwest Asia Program

Office: Stone Hall 303B
Email: ardi.kia@mso.umt.edu
Personal Website