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Undergraduate Advising

Academic advising is a valuable student service and History majors at the University of Montana have professional advising support. All History students are welcome to contact the Humanities Advisor year-round with any questions and/or concerns.

Jana O'Connor, Humanities Advisor
LA 145 | 243-6082 |

In the least, contact your advisor during pre-registration advising in March & October to plan and register for the next semester. You will need to receive an advising pin, which will allow you to register for courses online. Being prepared and registering for courses at your earliest opportunity is, of course, a great way to get into the courses you want and/or need.

Current Courses - American History

Current Course - World History

Freshman and Sophomores (0-59.9 credits) are assigned to the Humanities Advisor in the Liberal Arts building, Room 145. LA 145 is just below the History hallway, which is in the east wing of the LA building.

Juniors and Seniors (60 credits or more) are able to select a faculty member to advise them during pre-registration advising. Students will sign-up for an appointment on faculty sign-up sheets at this time. Attend your appointment prepared. Have a good idea of what courses you would like to take the following semester. See 'Advising Materials Folder' below for further information.

Juniors and Seniors are also welcome and encouraged to visit the Humanities Advisor to be sure they are on track with General Education Requirements, University Requirements, and for assistance with the graduation application.

The Graduation Application. Avoid graduation delays by turning in your application by the due date during the semester before your final semester. For instance, if you plan to graduate Spring 2014, see the Humanities Advisor at the beginning of Autumn 2013 in order to begin working on your application.

Graduation applications need to be turned into the Humanities Advisor for review before they will go to the History Chair for review and signature. They will then be returned to you to be turned in with the fee in Griz Central for review in the Registrar's office.

Advising Materials Folder Students should keep a folder with an updated transcript, General Education Requirements advising worksheet, major and minor advising worksheets, lists of courses, and future semester plans. You may also want to keep a copy of your resume and/or list of accomplishments, volunteer experience, etc. in this folder. Some students may benefit by jotting down questions for their advisor. Bring this folder with you to your appointment.

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