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College of Humanities & Sciences | Kyi Yo Pow Wow

Kyi yo

Native American Student Association

Previous Winners

46th Annual Kyi Yo Pow Wow Winners

Mens Golden Age:

1st Place: Charles Tailfeathers

2nd Place: John Meninick

3rd Place: George Good Striker

Womens Golden Age:

1st Place: Linda Pete

2nd Place: Betty Soosay-Noon

3rd Place: Mary Top Sky

Adult Men Traditional

1st Place: Sheldon Shebala

2nd Place: Hunter Blessing Game

3rd Place: Devan Kicknosway

Adult Men Grass

1st Place: Colton Tohannie

2nd Place: Ron Kicking Woman

3rd Place: Kelsey Haywahe

Adult Men Fancy

1st Place: War Sheild White

2nd Place: Stan Whiteman Sr.

3rd Place: Trey Trahant

Adult Men Chicken

1st Place: Nat Iron Heart

2nd Place: Guy Fox

3rd Place: Clay Good Striker

Adult Woman Traditional

1st Place: Lena Tewawina

2nd Place: Bobbie White

3rd Place: Holliw Eagle Speaker

Adult Woman Fancy

1st Place: Nadine Obey

2nd Place: Michelle Kipp

3rd Place: Willow Kipp

Adult Woman Jingle

1st Place: Paula Shebaba

2nd Place: Acosia Red Elk

3rd Place: Aylsssa Buc

Teen Boys Traditional

1st Place: Matthew Shekajr

2nd Place: Phillip Black Goat

3rd Place: Ike Carpenter

Teen Boys Fancy

1st Place: Sonny Little Head

2nd Place: Chaz Baker

3rd Place: Brandon Black Goat

Teen Boys Grass

1st Place: Desmond Madera

2nd Place: Siksika Scabby Robe

3rd Place: Jarrell Gopher

Teen Girls Traditional

1st Place: Justine Scabby Robe

2nd Place: Chenaya Standing Rock

3rd Place: Shoshana Kee

Teen Girls Fancy

1st Place: Madison Baptiste

2nd Place: Moneek Denny

3rd Place: Kenecia Tootsis

Teen Girls Jingle

1st Place: Tia Wood

2nd Place: Hannah Black Crow

3rd Place Coco Moore

Junior Boys Traditional

1st Place: Ty Shay Bear Medicine

2nd Place: Landon Walks Over Ice

3rd Place: Cleveland Leider

Junior Boys Fancy

1st Place: Dreamer White

2nd Place: Emmitt White

3rd Place: Daven Madera


Junior Boys Grass

1st Place:  Devin Brown Eagle

2nd Place: Callen Fox

3rd Place: Deo Top Sky

Junior Girls Traditional

1st Place:  Oteskwebeeksaki Shebala

2nd Place: Amani Yellow Owl

3rd Place: Rae Dean Croff

Junior Girls Jingle:

1st Place: Kenya Scabby Robe

2nd Place: Kree Star Burnett

3rd Place: Whisper American Horse

Junior Girls Fancy

1st Place: Wah-Pos Top Sky

2nd Place: Tailee Kicking Woman

3rd Place: Kodi Weasel

Drum Contest

1st Place: Standing Horse

2nd Place: Black Otter

3rd Place: Aanii Nakoda





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