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Kyi-Yo Pow Wow Royalty 2013-2014

Miss Kyi-Yo - Natasha Faith LaForge

miss kyiyo

            Shodagee means “hello” in the Crow “Apsaalooke” language. My name is Natasha Faith Laforge, and my Indian name is “Compassionate Woman” given to me by my great-grandmother the late Ruby Goes Ahead. I’m an enrolled member of the Crow Nation (Apsaalooke) of Montana. I was selected to serve as the 2013/14 Miss Kyi-Yo Indian Club Powwow Princess, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana.

I’m a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education at Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, Montana. I will be attaining my Associates degree in May of 2015, and I plan on attending the University of Montana to pursue a bachelor and master’s degree as one of my goals.

I am born into the Ties the Bundle Clan on the maternal side, and a Child of the Big Lodge Clan from my paternal inheritance. My parents are Terry Enemy Hunter, and the late Lona Fritzler. I have an identical twin sister, and nine brothers and sisters. My maternal grandparents are Bruce & Lisa Fritzler, and the late Andrea Good Luck. My paternal grandparents are Luke & Annalisia Enemy Hunter, and Barbara Not Afraid-Bacon. My adopted grandparents are Carl and Vanessa Jennings, Redstone, Oklahoma. My great-grandparents are Glenn and the late Minnie Ellen Fritzler, and my great-great grandfather is Joseph Medicine Crow. My grandmother Aneda Good Luck-Hill and my aunt Verly and uncle Gabe Morgan took the responsibility to raise me and foster the traditional beliefs, culture, and customs of the Apsaalooke people (Crow).

Serving as the 2013/14 Miss Kyi-Yo provided a platform to create and expand an awareness of our culture and dance at the University level. It has been a great honor and privilege to represent the Kyi-Yo Indian Club Powwow and my fellow Native people throughout Indian Country while attending various powwows.

Aho (Thank you) in my Apsaalooke language.

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo - Taylor Skye Cree Monteau

Jr Miss

Taylor is Chippewa Cree/Onondaga and lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Taylor turned 13 this last week and is in the 7th Grade at Lincoln Middle School. She participates in Choir, Civil Air Patrol and volunteers at Water Melon Ranch Animal Shelter.  She was born in Kalispell, Montana. Taylor is a Fancy Shawl Dancer and she has been a Jingle Dress Dancer. Taylor also knows the “Smoke Dance” from her Onondaga side. Taylor’s parents are Harold Monteau & Dr. Elizabeth Top Sky. Her siblings are Matteas, Elaina, Kari, Autumn, Summer and Quanah, all of NM except Summer of Bismarck, ND. On Saturday afternoon, she is having a “Collegiate Special” for Women in all styles of dance to stress the importance of a College Education. Megwetch, Kitatahmihin. 

Kyi-Yo Tiny Tot Princess - Kaylen Top Sky

Jr. Miss

Kaylen Dea Top Sky was born September 21, 2005. She is Chippewa-Cree, Pueblo, Ho-chunk and Menominee. Her Cree name is Rainbow Child and her Pueblo name is Happy Dancer.Kaylen is the youngest of her two brothers, Marlin Dickenson and Stephon (Deo) Top Sky. Kaylen’s parents are Samatt (Rooster) and Regina Top Sky. She is a student at Box Elder school, her favorite class is music and her favorite subject is reading and writing. Her primary language is English and her second is Cree. She enjoys dancing and singing at pow-wow’s as well as roundances. Kaylen enjoys dancing fancy shawl and jingle, she also dances woodland style applique in the traditional category. She has danced all categories at one point and time at many pow-wows, but she is a fancy dancer at heart. Her hobbies are dancing at North Star dance studio and also plays hockey with the Havre Ice Hawk’s. She enjoys playing basketball in peewee tournaments with her brother and friends. Kaylen has a dream to be teacher some day in the future. While attending powwows throughout United States and Canada Kaylen has enjoyed representing the University of Montana as Little Miss Kyi-yo 2013-2014. Kaylen and her family would like to thank the Kyi-yo pow-wow committee and people whom supported her throughout her reign.

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