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Colloquia & Events - 2014
Monday, July 14
"The Bayesian Approach to Inverse Problems"
Andrew Stuart
Warwick University
Colloquia from the past
Wednesday, May 21
"Diophantine approximation:
automatic numbers and their generalisations"

Michael Coons
University of Newcastle
Wednesday, May 14
Doctoral Dissertation Defense:
"Digraphs and Homomorphisms:
Cores, Colorings, and Constructions"

Mike Severino
University of Montana
Monday, May 12
Presentation of Master's Project
"The Impact of 'Tipi Geometry', A Lesson Combining Elementary Geometry Concepts and Blackfeet Tipi Building, on Preservice K-8 Teachers"
Elizabeth Lask
Wednesday, May 7
Presentation of Master's Project
"Progress on the 123-Conjecture"
Cody Fouts
Tuesday, May 6
Presentation of Master's Project
"The Character Table of PGL(2,q)"
Daisy Matthews
Tuesday, May 6
Presentation of Master's Project
"Mathematics Anxiety and the Nontraditional Student"
Jack Lelko
Monday, May 5
"A short construction of highly chromatic digraphs
without short cycles"

Mike Severino
University of Montana
Wednesday, April 30
"Number Theory in Several Complex Variables"
Dusty Grundmeier
University of Michigan
Tuesday, April 29
Presentation of Master's Project
"Investigating and Assessing Student Interest in a
Math Seminar Class"

Adam Clinch
Monday, April 21
"Minerva: Big Exoplanet Science with Small Telescopes"
Nate McCrady
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Montana
Monday, April 14
Some Questions on Hex
Ryan B Hayward
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta
Monday, March 24
Colloquium & Doctoral Dissertation Defense:
"Bayesian Estimator Assessment Methods for Minimizing Costs in Multivariate Driving Performance Studies"
Clark Kogan
University of Montana
Monday, March 17
"Students' Reasoning about Variation"
Rachel Chaphalkar
University of Montana
Monday, February 10
"Statistical Tests for Regularization in Ill-posed Inverse Problems"
Dr. Jodi Mead
Boisse State University
Monday, February 3
"Turán numbers for forests"
Cory Palmer
University of Montana
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