Department of Mathematical Sciences
Colloquia & Events - Spring 2013
Tuesday, May 14
Presentation of Master’s Project:
"Hamilton-Stable Edge-Labellings of Graphs"
Takehiko Yamaguchi
University of Montana
Friday, May 10
Dissertation Defense:
"Abstract Primal-Dual Affine Programming"
Tien Chih
University of Montana
Wednesday, May 8
Dissertation Defense:
"Peripherally-Multiplicative Spectral Preservers between Function Algebras"
Jeff Johnson
University of Montana
Monday, May 6
"Spectrally Arbitrary Zero Nonzero Patterns"
Timothy Melvin
Washington State University & Carroll College
Monday, April 29
Dissertation Defense:
"Computational Methods for Support Vector Machine Classification and Large-Scale Kalman Filtering"
Marylesa Howard
University of Montana
Monday, April 22
Colloquium (Jointly with the Analysis Seminar):
"A Principal Function Problem — Finding a meromorphic function with a given boundary behavior or singularity"
Mikihiro Hayashi
Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
Wednesday , April 17 (Math 311, 4:10 pm)
Colloquium (Jointly with the Analysis Seminar):
"On the multiplier algebra of certain locally
m-convex algebras."

Lourdes Palacious
Autonomous University of Iztapalapa, Mexico City
Tuesday, April 16 (Math 103, 10:00 am)
"Incorporating Academic Service Learning Projects and Model-Eliciting Activities into Introduction to Statistics"
Rachel Chaphalkar
University of Montana
Monday, April 15
Colloquium (Jointly with the Analysis Seminar):
"On Banach Algebras of Bounded Continuous Functions with Values in a Banach Algebra"
Hugo Arizmendi
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City
Monday, April 8
"Giving a MOOC – a Survival Guide"
Keith Devlin
Stanford University Mathematician, Author, and the NPR Math Guy
Monday, March 18
"The game of Cops and Robbers"
William Kinnersley
Ryerson Univesity
Thursday, March 14
"On the tree packing conjecture"
Cory T. Palmer
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Monday, March 11
"An Exploration of Ordered Rings"
Tien Chih
University of Montana
Monday, February 25
"Boundaries in Functional Analysis"
Jeff Johnson
PhD Candidate, The University of Montana
Monday, February 11
Relative Likelihood Comparisons: Heuristics, Biases and Fallacies
Egan J Chernoff
University of Saskatchewan
Monday, February 4
"non-Beatles’ perspectives on non-Edmonds graphs"
Mark Kayll
University of Montana
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