The University of Montana
Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

Technology as a Tool: Modeling for Preservice Teachers

Professor Blake Peterson
Brigham Young University

The NCTM Standards make the following three recommendations regarding computer technology:

Whether we support these standards or not, parents, society, business, industry, etc. are expecting teachers to try to incorporate some form of technology into the classroom. Research suggests that unless preservice teachers have observed technology being used in the content classroom, they will be slow to implement it into their own classrooms. How we as mathematicians and teacher educators model the use of technology in our classes becomes a great influence on how it will be used by prospective teachers.

The types of computer activities that have been and are being used in the classroom as well as the research into their effectiveness will be discussed. Also a variety of computer demonstrations that have been used in college classrooms will be shown to give an idea of how this modeling could take place

Thursday, May 7, 1998
4:10 p.m. in MA 109
Coffee/Tea/Treats 3:30 p.m. in MA 104 (Lounge)

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