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Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, December 1

Colloquium (600) no meeting 3:10 pm
Math 103

Tuesday, December 2

Math Education (504) Dick Lane
"Generalized Conception in Problem Solving"  by  A.V. Brushlinskii
11:10 am
Math 206
Applied Math (610)/Statistics (640) Zor Aliyorov
"Building interneuron model in NEURON."
Zhigang Liang
3:10 pm
Math 211
Algebra (620) Charlie Katerba
"Singular cubics"
4:10 pm
Math 211

Wednesday, December 3

C&O (680) Omid Khormali
"Lovasz Local Lemma: Intro, with Applications"
3:10 pm
Math 211
Analysis (650) Jen Kacmarcik
"An Application of Commutative Algebra to Sums of Squares Problems in Several Complex Variables"
4:10 pm
Math 311

Thursday, December 4

Denis Shchepakin
Master’s Thesis Defense: "Some Mathematical Models in Neuroscience Applications"
3:00 pm
Skaggs 117

Friday, December 5

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