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Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, September 15

Colloquium (600)

Dániel Gerbner, Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
"Partitioning edge-2-colored graphs into monochromatic paths and cycles"

3:10 pm
Math 103

Tuesday, September 16

Math Education (504) David Erickson
"Gibsh on Mathematics Methods Instruction: A Russian Viewpoint"
11:10 am
Math 206
Applied Math (610)/Statistics (640) Kevin Joyce
"Techniques for point spread function reconstruction from the image of a sharp edge"
3:10 pm
Math 211
Algebra (620)

Nhan Nguyen
"Height of P + P0"

4:10 pm
Math 211

Wednesday, September 17

C&O (680) Mike Grilli
"Combinatorics: Property B and (maybe) a little more"
3:10 pm
Math 211
Analysis (650) Thomas Tonev
"Banach Algebras" (cont.)
4:10 pm
Math 311

Thursday, September 18

Friday, September 19

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