The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #15/2006

An Efficient Estimation Scheme for Phase-Diversity Time Series Data

Johnathan M. Bardsley
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Montana (USA)


We present a two-stage method for obtaining both phase and object estimates from phase-diversity time series data. In the first stage, the phases are estimated for each time frame using the limited memory BFGS method. In the second stage, an algorithm that incorporates a nonnegativity constraint as well prior knowledge of data noise statistics is used to obtain an estimate of the object being observed. The approach is tested on real phase-diversity data with 32 time frames, and a comparison is made between it and a previously developed approach. Also, the image deblurring algorithm in stage two is tested against other standard methods and is shown to be the best for our problem.

Keywords: phase-diversity, image deblurring, nonlinear and nonnegatively constrained optimization

AMS Subject Classification: 65F20, 65F30

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