The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #19/2008

Shaping the Future of Mathematics Education

Lyn D. English
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Bharath Sriraman
The University of Montana


This book will convey the state of the art on current theoretical perspectives in mathematics education and directions in which the future will/might shape up based on what is happening currently. The audience is the field of mathematics education [researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as teachers]. Suggested chapters for inclusion in this book are as follows (titles are tentative). The chapters will be comprehensive to the extent possible to make the book an accessible introduction to the field of mathematics education and thus serve as both a resource book for researchers as well as a textbook for upper division and graduate courses.

Chapter 1. Why a book on shaping the future of mathematics education?
Chapter 2 Crossroads in current theories of mathematical thinking and learning.
Chapter 3. The critical role of theory and philosophy in conceptualizing and conducting research.
Chapter 4. The impact of cultural, social, and political forces on theory development in mathematical thinking and learning.
Chapter 5. Neuroscience and mathematical thinking and learning.
Chapter 6. Design science paradigms for learning and teaching mathematics from a European perspective.
Chapter 7. Design science paradigms for learning and teaching mathematics (from a U.S perspective).
Chapter 8 Comparative perspectives on mathematical modeling. This chapter will address the different perspectives on math modeling from Europe and the US.
Chapter 9. Mathematical modeling and its application to the solution of cross-disciplinary problems.
Chapter 10. Concluding chapter that summarizes the key ideas presented in the book and recommends directions for future development.

Keywords: cognitive science; design based research; learning theories; neuroscience and mathematics education; mathematics education; philosophy of mathematics education; politics of mathematics education; mathematical modeling

AMS Subject Classification: 97

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Pre-print of accepted book proposal with Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, NC.