The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #30/2008

Let Lakatos Be! - A Commentary to “Would the real Lakatos please stand up”

Bharath Sriraman
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Montana


In this commentary, some remarks are offered on David Pimm, Mary Beisiegel and Irene Meglis’ article “Would the real Lakatos please stand up”. The commentary focuses on relatively recent developments in the philosophy of mathematics based on the work of Lakatos; on theory development in mathematics education; and offers critique on whether Lakatos’ Proofs and Refutations can be directly implicated in mathematics education.

Keywords: mathematical methodology, philosophy of mathematics, mathematics education, philosophy of mathematics education, classroom discussion, school mathematics, Imre Lakatos, Proofs and Refutations

AMS Subject Classification: 97

Download Technical Report: pdf (37 KB)

Preprint of paper to appear in Interchange: A Quarterly Review of Education