The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #6/2011

Probabilistic Thinking: Presenting Plural Perspectives

Egan J Chernoff, University of Sasketchwan, Canada

Bharath Sriraman, The University of Montana


Probabilistic Thinking: Presenting Plural Perspectives (PT: PPP) will serve four main purposes. First, in 2010 research will have been in the Contemporary Period for nearly 20 years and, as such, we contend it is no longer premature to evaluate historically the significance of probability research in this period. Second, to address the volume and diversity (and the historical evaluation) of the research in the Contemporary Period, the structure (and the title) of this book are derived from cubism. Whereas a cubist artwork presents multiple perspectives, which represents the subject in a greater context, the different sections of this book will present a variety of perspectives, which will represent the subject (i.e., probabilistic thinking) in a greater context. Further, each of the sections of the book will be comprised of multiple chapters, which will also represent a variety of subjects (i.e., the different sections of the book) in greater context. Third, and within the forward looking spirit of the monograph series "Advances in Mathematics Education," the structure of PT: PPP will allow for an international group of scholars to begin to define the next Period of research in probabilistic thinking. Fourth, we plan, with this book, to contribute to the major pieces of literature on probabilistic thinking, as detailed above. To achieve the four main purposes, the content of the ten sections, consisting of anywhere between 5 to 10 chapters, has been strategically chosen and will now been commented on and justified in turn. The book is planned in two volumes given its substantial scope. A sound synthesis of the existing research on probabilistic thinking is presented in this prospectus in addition to a sneak preview of the developing Table of Contents.

Keywords: Probability; Interpretations of Probability; Probabilistic Thinking

AMS Subject Classification: 60, 97

Pre-print of Accepted Book Proposal, Advances in Mathematics Education, vols.6&7, 2013 [Springer Science] Pdf (101 KB)