The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #2/2014

A Brief Overview and Critique of Perspective II on Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning

Richard Lesh, Bharath Sriraman


In this overview and critique of perspective II, we briefly focus on several ways that Models & Modeling Perspectives (MMP) can be used to provide a unifying theoretical framework for developing both: (a) a coherent summary of the kind of research reported in this book, and (b) a useful list of testable claims that appear to be priorities to investigate in future research emanating from the kind of studies reported here. In particular, MMP was developed to identify: (a) emerging new types of mathematical thinking that appear to be needed beyond mathematics classrooms—including in situations involving new sciences (e.g., social sciences, engineering) not traditionally emphasized in K-12 curriculum materials, (b) new ways to operationally define important achievements currently being ignored in both school testing programs and documents specifying standards for teaching and learning, and (c) new teaching and learning opportunities made possible by new model-development tools for students.

Keywords: Probabilistic reasoning; Statistical reasoning; Modeling perspectives

AMS Subject Classification: 97

Publisher offprint from E.Chernoff & B. Sriraman (Eds). Probabilistic Thinking: Presenting Plural Perspectives. Full off print not available due to publisher embargo. Pdf (28 KB)