The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #7/2014

Indigenous Universalities and Peculiarities of Innovation

Elizabeth Sumida Huaman, Bharath Sriraman


Rooted in diverse cultures and in distinct regions of the world, Indigenous communities and people have for centuries negotiated unique relationships with their surroundings, including new forms of conquest that continue to emerge today. The intent of this book is to showcase instances of Indigenous innovation in sustainability, ecological stewardship, and oral knowledge that demonstrate cosmological conceptions of time and place and critical practices that can be shared in order to shape new conceptualizations of relationships within the world that are transformative and just.

The book is based on empirical and/or other research that has been collaboratively conducted with Indigenous communities, narratives and counter-narratives, qualitative fieldwork reflections, and theoretical perspectives. Authors should center their work around major definitions and ideas of innovation within Indigenous contexts that are respectful of and exemplify local knowledge. At the same time, authors are asked to engage in conscientious discussion regarding dominant discourse that posits Western modes of progress that impact those Indigenous communities and any tensions that result between communities and province, state, and/or country.

Keywords: Indigeneous Education; Traditional Knowledge; Innovation

AMS Subject Classification: n/a

Book (in preparation) in Advances in Innovation Education, vol.2, Sense Publishers Pdf (26 KB)