The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #3/2005

Playing with Powers

Bharath Sriraman
The University of Montana (USA)


Pawel Strzelecki
Institute of Mathematics
Warsaw University (Poland)


This paper explores the wide range of pure mathematics that becomes accessible through the use of problems involving powers. In particular we stress the need to balance an applied and context based pedagogical and curricular approach to mathematics with the powerful pure mathematics beneath the simplicity of easily stated and understandable questions in pure mathematics. In doing so, pupils realize the limitations of computational tools as well as gain an appreciation for the aesthetic beauty and power of mathematics in addition to its far-reaching applicability in the real world.

Keywords: Elementary Ergodic Theory; Recreational mathematics; Technology Limitations

AMS Subject Classification: 97

Pre-print Of:
Sriraman, Bharath & Strzelecki, Pawel. (2004). Playing with powers. The International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education, Vol 11, no.1, pp.29-34.
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