The University of Montana
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Technical report #5/2005

Issues and Tendencies in German Mathematics- Didactics

Günter Törner
Duisburg-Essen Universität (Germany)


Bharath Sriraman
The University of Montana (USA)


It is a positive sign that an international discussion on theories of mathematics education is taking place especially in the wake of TIMMS and PISA. It is laudable of PME to take the initiative to closely examine specific geographic trends in mathematics education research in comparison with trends that are concurrently occurring (or occurred) elsewhere (as reported in English et al., 2002; Schoenfeld, 1999, 2002). In doing so we can reflect and hypothesize on why certain trends seem to re-occur, sometimes invariantly across time and geographic location. Numerous reviews about the state of German mathematics didactics are available in German (see [1], Hefendehl et al., 2004; Vollrath et al., 2004). However there are no extant attempts to trace and analyze the last hundred years of "mathematics didactic" trends in Germany in comparison to what is happening internationally. This is our modest attempt to fill this void.

Keywords: German Mathematics Didatics; History of Mathematics Education

AMS Subject Classification: 97

Pre-print of:
Sriraman, Bharath & Günter Törner. (2005). Issues and tendencies in German Mathematics Didactics: An epochal perspective. In H. Chick & J.L. Vincent (Eds). Proceedings of the 29th Annual meeting of the International Group of Psychology of Mathematics Education: Melbourne, Australia, vol.1, pp. 197-202.

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