Department of
Mathematical Sciences
Spring 2014 Seminar Timetable
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May 5—May 9
Colloquium (600)
Mike Severino
"A short construction of highly chromatic digraphs without short cycles"
3:10 pm
Math 103
Math Education (504)
Matt Roscoe
Group Article Writing Session
11:10 am
Math 306
Jack Lelko
Presentation of Master’s Project
“Mathematics Anxiety and the Nontraditional Student"
2:10 pm
Math 108
Applied Math (610) & Statistics (640)
Emily Stone & Brian Steele
Tek Chhetri
"Neuron Model"
3:10 pm
Math 211
Algebra (620)
Nikolaus Vonessen
Daisy Matthews
Presentation of Master’s Project
"The Character Table of PGL(2,q)"
4:10 pm
Math 211
C & O (680)
Cory Palmer
Cody Fouts
Presentation of Master’s Project
“Progress on the 123-Conjecture”
3:10 pm
Math 108
Analysis (650)
Karel Stroethoff
4:10 pm
Math 311
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