Scheduled Events - Friday March 2, 2012

Yellow - New Courses/Presentations
Red - Cancelled
Green - At Capacity

Time Affiliated Language Presented By Location
9:10 A.M. Classes Offered:
LATN 102 Latin LInda Gillison JRH 202
FRCH 102 French Melodie Teruel-Vassiere ED 214
Advanced Japanese Japanese Yasue Oguro GBB 108
SPNS 102 Spanish Linda Bailey GBB 123
SPNS 202-Traveling in Costa Rica Spanish Noe, Kelly GBB L09
GRMN 102 German Claudia Albrecht & Ellina Sattarova GBB 122
Presentations Offered:
Intro to Portuguese/Spanish Spanish Stanley Rose GBB L14
Germans and German Speakers in America: A Brief History German Marton Marko LA 243
Russian Cartoons Russian Clint Walker GBB 119
The Language of Poetry Arabic Samir Bitar LA 302
Study Abroad Program in China Chinese Zhen Cao LA 308
10:10 A.M. Classes Offered:
Teachers' Round Table Extra Linda Gillison LA 307
SPNS 102 Spanish Linda Bailey LA 305
GRMN 302 German Liz Ametsbichler LA 336
CHIN 302 Chinese Zhen Cao FA 302
Latin 202/Politics of Augustan Art Latin Matthew Semanoff LA 334
SPNS 202- Traveling in Costa Rica Spanish Kelly Noe LA 335
FRCH 202 French Benedicte Boisseron LA 204
Presentations Offered:
Elementary Gaelic Irish Traolach Oriordain JRH 205
French Cinema French Michel Valentin LA 203
Paris French Mladen Kozul LA 338
Intro to Hispanic Linguistics Spanish Naomi Shin GBB L09
Intro to Chinese Language Chinese Tim Bradstock LA 304
Chinese Culture Chinese Yuan Wei MLIB 454
Intro to Russian Lang/Culture Russian Bayarma Dondokova GBB L14
Ciao, Italia! Italian for Beginners Italian Evelina Badery LA 205
ABC's of Japanese Japanese Judith Rabinovitch LA 306
Higher Education in the US for High School Foreign Exchange Students Extra Effie Koehn & Julie Cahill LA 105
11:10 A.M. Classes Offered:
FRCH 350 French Ione Crummy LA 335
GRK 202 Greek Linda Gillison LA 106
Elementary Japanese Japanese Yasue Oguro FA 302
GRMN 312 German Liz Ametsbichler LA 204
GRMN 102 German Marton Marko JRH 202
SPNS 202/ Celtic Connection Spanish/Celtic Manolita Connor & Ciara Ryan LA 305
FRCh 391- French Literature French Benedicte Boisseron LA 334
SPNS 102-The Life in Colombia is cancelled- Please report to "The Sounds of Spanish and Dialect Variation" Spanish

Nancy Pinzon

(Naomi Shin)

LA 207

(GBB L09)

Presentations Offered:
The Sounds of Spanish and Dialect Variation Spanish Naomi Shin GBB L09
The Castles of Ludwig II German Hiltrud Arens LA 234
Faculty Lead Study Abroad Programs in Spanish Spanish Clary Loisel SS 254
Peace Corps in Latin America Spanish Melissa MacKenzie GBB L14
Russian Outside the Classroom: Russian Club and Study Abroad Russian Ona Renner-Fahey LA 243
Italian Pronunciation and Karaoke Italian Evelina Badery-Anderson GBB 119
Chinese History Chinese Xiaohua Zhen MLIB 454
World of Homer & Homeric Greek Greek Matthew Semanoff JRH 203
12:10 P.M. Lunch- University Center Ballroom UC Ballroom
1:10P.M. Classes Offered:
FRNCH 312 French Ione Crummy LA 207
SPNS 202/ Traveling in Costa Rica Spanish Kelly Noe GBB 122
GRMN 202 German Hiltrud Arens ED 214
SPNS 331 Spanish Clary Loisel JRH 202
SPNS 102 Spanish Alicia Gignoux LA 308
FRCH 102 French Amelie Josselin-Leray LA 305
Presentations Offered:
The French Assistantship Exchange French Tonya Smith LA 334
Campus Tour Extra UM Advocates TBA
Davidson Honors College Extra James McKusick DHC 119
2:10 P.M. Classes Offered:
GRMN 202 German Hiltrud Arens LA 306
SPNS 432 Spanish Clary Loisel GBB 122
SPNS 102 Spanish Melissa MacKenzie LA 308
FRCH 102 French Michel Valentin JRH 202
SPNS 202 Spanish Manolita Connor LA 338
Presentations Offered:
French Women Authors French Ione Crummy LA 305
How to Make a Mexican Corn Tortilla Spanish Alicia Gignoux LA 335

Yellow - New Courses/Presentations
Green - At Capacity

* Schedule of Events is Subject to Change *