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Amoski kaanaipiksi aamo nitoyis akohtaistawapsiya ki akohpayiistapoya moka'ksin..

When wisdom is shared, knowledge exchanged, and virtue glorified, a Lodge becomes a well-spring of learning for all who enter

- EARL BARLOW, Puia (Ridge), Educator, Amskapi Pikuni (Blackfeet) Nation

2012 Graduates

Undergraduate Program

Native American Studies is an academic discipline committed to examining the contemporary and past experiences and life ways of the first Americans from their perspective. The curriculum is designed to provide a study of American Indians from a holistic and humanistic viewpoint by focusing upon their cultures, history, and contemporary life. Courses are designed for both Native American and non-Native American students so they can better understand human similarities and differences, thereby leading to the development of better communications and cross-cultural relationships.

The Native American Studies (NAS) major provides a broad based liberal arts education with a focus on Indian country issues in the past, present, and future. It is interdisciplinary, offering courses from literature to history. The primary skills taught include critical thinking, research, and communication-both written and oral. Students who enroll in NAS courses will learn in-depth about the government-to-government relationship between tribes and the U.S., and the development of the political and social relationship. Students will also learn about various indigenous perspectives of the world including culture and history.


Major in Native American Studies (NASX)

For the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Native American Studies, students must complete a minimum of 39 credits, 30 credits in Native American Studies plus nine elective credits which can be met within the department or out-of-department. As part of the major's liberal arts and interdisciplinary focus, all students completing the major must complete a minor in another field.

NAS Major Advising form

Minor in Native American Studies (NASX)

To earn a minor in Native American Studies the student must complete a minimum of 21 credits, 12 credits in Native American Studies plus nine elective credits which can be met within the department or out-of-department.

NAS Minor Advising form

Graduation speech


To view the required courses and course descriptions, please see The University of Montana Course Catalog

What can I do with a major in NAS?

Visit UM's Career Services page to learn more about potential careers for students majoring in NAS.

Academic Advising

NAS offers academic advising to all NAS majors and minors.

Please contact:

243-5834 or visit the Advisor's office in NAC 112C

Native American Studies Department | NAC 112 | (406) 243-5831 | (406) 243-6432 (Fax) | The University of Montana | Missoula, MT 59812

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