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Amoski kaanaipiksi aamo nitoyis akohtaistawapsiya ki akohpayiistapoya moka'ksin..

When wisdom is shared, knowledge exchanged, and virtue glorified, a Lodge becomes a well-spring of learning for all who enter

- EARL BARLOW, Puia (Ridge), Educator, Amskapi Pikuni (Blackfeet) Nation

View of The University of Motana campus from Mount Sentinel

Native American Studies is located in The Payne Family Native American Center. The Native American Center is located on the south-west corner of the Oval, in between the Grizzly statue and the Math building. The Native American Center houses the NAS department faculty, the academic advisor, and the administrative assistant, it also includes a copying and a telephone/fax machine, computer lab, and student lounge. The American Indian Student Services program is also located in the Native American Center.

Native American Studies Department

The Payne Family Native American Center, Room 112

The University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812

(406) 243-5831

(406) 243-6432 (fax)

Campus map indicating NAC with a star

Native American Studies Department | NAC 112 | (406) 243-5831 | (406) 243-6432 (Fax) | The University of Montana | Missoula, MT 59812

Chair | Wade Davies | Email