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Amoski kaanaipiksi aamo nitoyis akohtaistawapsiya ki akohpayiistapoya moka'ksin..

When wisdom is shared, knowledge exchanged, and virtue glorified, a Lodge becomes a well-spring of learning for all who enter

- EARL BARLOW, Puia (Ridge), Educator, Amskapi Pikuni (Blackfeet) Nation

Wade Davies

Davies, Wade

Professor & Co-Chair

Phone: (406) 243-5835

Office: NAC 203A




National Institue for Staff and Organization Development Award for Teaching Excellence, for teaching services at San Juan College, New Mexico New Mexico Region of Phi Theta Kappa, Dr. Jimmy Miller Advisor Hall of Honor Award Past Appointments: Instructor of History, San Juan College Visiting Assistant Professor, Arizona State University Instructor of American Studies, Phoenix College

Research Interests

History of American Indian sporting traditions, Indian basketball in particular Past: Navajo efforts to utilize traditional and Western healing ways.

Field of Study

Navajo health and healing, Native American sports and games

Selected Publications

Co-edited with Rich Clow and Submitted to Scarecrow Press, American Indian Sovereignty and Law: An Annotated Bibliography

Co-authored with Rich Clow, “The St. Francis Mission Indians and the National Interscholastic Catholic Basketball Tournament, 1924-1941.” The International Journal of the History of Sport,23 (March 2006): 213-31.

Entries on professional basketball, college basketball and college sports for an encyclopedia of the 1940’s.

“Western Medicine and Navajo Healing: Conflict and Compromise” in ed. Robert Johnston, The Politics of Healing. New York: Routledge Press, pp. 83-94.

“Clyde James”; “Egbert Ward”; “Wilson Charles” in ed. C.Richard King, Encyclopedia of Native Americans and Sports. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharp Inc.

Healing Ways: Navajo Health Care in the Twentieth Century. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press.

“Cornell’s Field Seminar in Applied Anthropology: Social Scientists and American Indians in the Post-war Southwest.” Journal of the Southwest, 43 (Autumn 2001): 317-41.

Co-Author with Peter Iverson. “American-Indian Identities in the Twentieth Century.” Organization of American Historians, Magazine of History, 9 (Summer 1995): 15-21.

Academic journal reviews of the following books: Colleen O’Neill, Working the Navajo Way: Labor and Culture in the Twentieth Century; Betty Basien, Blackfoot Ways of Knowing; E. Richard Hart, Pedro Pine: Governor of Zuni Pueblo, 1830-1878; Warren Metcalf, Termination’s Legacy: The Utah Indian Experience; Robert S. McPherson, Navajo Land, Navajo Culture: The Spirit of Pestilence; William Hass Moore, Chiefs, Agents & Soldiers: Conflict on the Navajo Frontier; Garrick Bailey and Roberta Glenn Bailey, A History of the Navajos: The Reservation Years; Laura Graves, Thomas Varker Keam, Indian Trader; Kathleen P. Chamberlain, Under Sacred Ground: A History of Navajo Oil, 1922-1982; Jere’ Bishop Franco, Crossing the Pond: Tha Native American Effort in World War II; and Robert H. Keller and Michael F. Turek, American Indians and National Parks.

“Fred Begay,” in Notable Native Americans, ed. Sharon Malinowski. Detroit: Gale Research, 27-28.

(Work in Progress) Book project on the history of American Indian basketball from 1891 to 1950.



Native American sports and games presentations to local schools, connected to the Indian Education for All Montana representative for the Membership Committee of the Organization of American Historians Peer reviewer for academic journals and publishers Advisory Board Member for the Project Literacy Education and Teacher Training for Excellent Reservation Schools (LETTERS) Co-Advisor to WaYaWa, Native American Education Society Co-Advisor to Kyi-Yo, Native American Student Organization

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